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Wix Pricing: A Complete Guide to the Best and Worst Plans


Wix stands out as a common name people consider as they go through website builders. People prefer this option over other website builders, so you may wonder what Wix offers and the features that make it stand out.

You can look into Wix pricing, learn what is Wix, the pricing plans, add-ons, and other points you should consider. Spend some time going through the details, so you’ll know what to think as you go through the Wix website builder.

What Is Wix?

Wix is a tool that allows you to create a site through drag-and-drop tools. You can customize the website, add pictures, and easily make one for your business without knowing how to code. Wix focuses on accessibility and simplicity, making it stand out among website builders.

Wix offers a free plan, allowing anyone to make a Wix account and try the features. As you utilize the features and develop a professional eCommerce website, you’ll want to consider Wix pricing plans to gain access to more features and benefits.

Wix Pricing Plans

You’ll naturally want to see a pricing plan and compare the options to choose the best one for your situation. Spend time reviewing the pros and cons of the Wix pricing options to see how the eight paid plans compare.


Before you decide on anything else, you’ll want to review Wix’s free plan. While a free plan sounds appealing, you’ll want to know the differences between the Wix free plan and Wix premium options, so you’ll understand the pros and cons associated with it.



  • Access to customer support

  • No monthly payments or hidden costs

  • Free web hosting

  • Get a free domain

  • No priority support

  • Can’t select a domain name

  • Having Wix ads

The free plan lets you take advantage of customer support, though you won’t receive priority customer support. That means you’ll have to wait to receive help if you encounter any problems.

While you can’t choose a domain name, you’ll enjoy a free domain to save you trouble and money. Also, many people appreciate free web hosting and the lack of payments.

Some may dislike the Wix ads on the website, so they’ll feel like the various ads get in the way.

If you have eCommerce plans or want to run a Wix business site, the Wix free plan might be the worst option. On the other hand, if you don’t plan to open an online store, the Wix free option might work best since you get a free domain and can use it for personal use.


As you consider a pricing plan, you should consider the combo premium plan. If you don’t want to go with business and eCommerce plans, you’ll only have to pay 16 dollars per month for this option.

Naturally, you’ll want to consider the pros and cons of eCommerce Wix’s cheapest paid plan.



● Get a free SSL certificate

● No more Wix ads

● Get a custom domain name

● Free domain voucher for a year

● Only for personal use

● Limited storage and bandwidth

● Only supports 30 minutes of video

The free SSL certificate makes a paid plan great for anyone. The Wix combo plan also doesn’t have Wix ads, so you won’t have to worry about them appearing as you customize the site. The custom domain name also makes it terrific once you secure a domain name.

Keep in mind you’ll have to pay for your own domain unless you get the free domain voucher by getting the yearly subscription.

Some people may not like how they can only use the website builder for personal use unless they pay for another version. They also have limited storage, bandwidth, and video support.

The website works great if you use the website builder as a personal blog. You can also use this plan as a starting point before you transition to something beyond the Wix combo plan.


The Wix unlimited plan as a website builder is a step up from the combo plan. You have to pay 22 dollars per month, and the plan works best for entrepreneurs and freelancers, so you should review what it offers.



● All the combo plan benefits

● 600 dollars of ad vouchers

● One year of the site booster

● One year of visitor analytics

● Not for ecommerce

● Limited storage

● Only one hour of video

Some people may appreciate ad vouchers offered through this plan. You’ll get 500 dollars for Google ads and 100 for Bing ads. Since people tend to use Google often, Google ads could help you make more money through your ad vouchers.

The site booster app can help you with search engines as you go through the premium plan. It allows you to work on your search engine optimization (SEO), so the site booster app works great if you want to look for details through Google analytics.

The same applies to visitor analytics, so you’ll get stats about people visiting your website. While these features work well, you can’t use the website builder to make a Wix business website.

You also have limited storage space through this method and can only offer one hour of video on your site. However, you’ll still find plenty of help through Wix plans, so this one works great for portfolios, resumes, or even professional blogs.


You could also try the Wix pro plan for some additional features on top of the unlimited plan. The plan costs 27 dollars per month, so you’ll pay about 60 more per year. However, you’ll need to consider the pros and cons to see if the Wix plan fits your needs.



​● Having 50 gigabytes of space

● One year of the events calendar

● Design a professional logo

● Multiple logos for social media use

● Paying over 25 dollars per month

● No priority support from customer service

● Only allows online branding

As you review the Wix plans, you’ll notice this one has a significant jump in gigabytes, increasing eCommerce the value for money. The events calendar stands out among the premium apps since you can show off upcoming events on your website, making it great for branding.

You also get access to the Wix logo maker to create and use a logo. You’ll get over 40 logo sizes to use across your social media platforms, allowing you to focus on brand consistency and awareness.

However, you’ll have to pay 27 dollars per month, which may bother some people. You also don’t receive priority support from customer service. The website supports online branding, but you can’t effectively use it as an online store.

If you want to focus on brand awareness rather than making a Wix business site, you’ll find this one to be the best option for your situation.


You can take your website further by taking advantage of the Wix VIP plan. The VIP plan comes with the benefits of the pro plan, but it costs 45 dollars per month, making it a significant jump from the last option. With that in mind, the VIP plan must offer some excellent benefits.



● 100 gigabytes of storage

● Access to priority support

● Access to the premium apps

● Five hours of video space

● Paying 45 dollars per month

● Not an option for ecommerce

This plan offers tons of storage, making it great if you need to use the site for images or videos. You’ll also get priority customer support, so you’ll get quick help with your issues. Access to the apps also works if you want a calendar and visitor analytics.

However, you’ll have to pay 45 dollars a month, which will quickly increase in price. Some people may struggle to afford it if they don’t get enough return on investment (ROI). Also, you can’t use the VIP plan for eCommerce, so it may not work for a Wix business site.

If you need plenty of space but don’t want to make a Wix business site, you’ll want to use the VIP plan. The priority customer support also makes it a solid choice for those needing help using the website builder.

Business Basic

If none of those plans work for your situation, you should go through Wix’s business plans. First, you have Wix’s basic business plan to consider among the choices. The Wix business basic plan is the cheapest eCommerce plan since you’ll pay 27 dollars per month.

While the business basic plan costs the same as the website pro plan, you’ll notice some crucial differences between them.



​● Setting up online purchases

● Having subscription plans

● Letting customers make accounts

● Enjoying custom domains

● Having ad vouchers

● Showcasing unlimited products

● The lowest storage of business plans

● No priority customer care

● No access to customized reports

● Only selling through social channels

The Pros

If you want to make money through your business, you need a business plan to have people buy from you. Not only can they make purchases, but you can create subscriptions, allowing you to make passive income with the business basic plan.

Customers can do so as they make accounts to set up such a process through your business. Like with other plans, you’ll get custom domains and ad vouchers, making this a solid choice alongside other business eCommerce plans.

You also showcase an unlimited number of products, meaning you can list as many as you need. You won’t have to stop after a certain number if you have the space to put everything on display.

The Cons

However, you’ll have the lowest storage out of the business eCommerce plans. You also won’t have access to priority customer care, so you may struggle to get what you need. On top of that, you won’t have unlimited bandwidth, so your website could slow down.

Some people may also dislike that they can only sell on social channels, limiting your options. Remember that you don’t have access to customized reports, meaning you won’t get insights.

The business basic plan helps small businesses start to make money through eCommerce. You can still make money through it and get started with your digital store before transitioning to the other plans.

Business Unlimited

You can step up from business basic by trying out the business unlimited plan. The business unlimited plan has some benefits and drawbacks to consider while costing 32 dollars per month. It only costs five more than the business basic option while enjoying those features.



● 100 gigabytes of space

● 10 hours of videos

● 100 automated tax calculations per month

● Subscriptions on products

● Accept multiple currencies

● Sell on marketplaces

● No customized reports

● No priority customer support

● Only 1,000 product reviews

● No loyalty program

The Pros

The Wix business unlimited plan offers additional space for videos and storage, so you can easily add products to the site. Doing so will help you boost sales as you show off your products and allow customers to purchase them directly.

You can also take advantage of the ad vouchers to help you reach more customers and get them to your site. Such approaches make the business unlimited option a solid choice for businesses looking to succeed online.

You’ll also get 100 automated sales tax calculations each month, making the process easier. The plan lets you offer your product subscriptions, helping you make more passive income.

You can also support multiple currencies, helping you with sales worldwide rather than focusing on one group. You can also sell on more marketplaces, reaching those customers and increasing your income.

The Cons

However, you won’t get customized reports if you use the business unlimited option. Despite the name, you don’t get unlimited bandwidth and won’t have access to priority customer support, meaning you may need to wait for help.

In addition, your site can only display up to 1,000 reviews, limiting how much you can show to potential customers. Some may also dislike the lack of a loyalty program, so you can’t reward customers for their consistent purchases.

Despite those points, you’ll find this option great for people who need more space for multiple products. You’ll have an easy way to show those products through storage and videos, so you can list multiple options.

Those benefits along with the secure purchases, customer accounts, and subscriptions, make it a great option to make money. If you can make more than 32 dollars a month through this plan, you’ll profit from your efforts.

Business VIP

If you plan to improve your eCommercee-commerce efforts, you’ll want to look into the business VIP plan. Even though the 59 dollars per month seems daunting, you’ll still enjoy some great benefits alongside all the features offered by the unlimited option.



● Unlimited storage and video hours

● Enjoying customized reports

● Having priority customer care