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Wix Support: The Best Ways To Contact Wix Customer Service In 2024

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Wix Support: The Best Ways To Contact Wix Customer Service

Need to get in touch with Wix? Here's a comprehensive guide on how you can contact their customer service team. Find out the best ways for you to get expert help and support from Wix today! Wix remains a standard program people use to create websites. The site keeps the process simple and focuses on letting people customize, adjust, and update it as a straightforward website builder. However, you may have questions at some point that require the help of Wix support.

Wix makes it easy to find the help you need through their online forms, the Wix Knowledge Base, social media platforms, phone calls, live chat, and 10com’s Wix Support. Many common questions are within these resources to help users use the platform effectively.

Contact Wix Support via an Online Form

You may want to talk with someone part of Wix Support by emailing them. Although Wix Customer Service no longer offers this call-in service, they have other options, including a Wix online form you can fill out to receive help with your needs.

As a customer, you start by signing into your Wix account, filling in the form information, and waiting for customer support to help you. Once they get your message, they’ll find an ideal support representative to answer your query.

You’ll naturally experience some excellent pros through this Wix help method. For example, you’ll get a good match for your situation to receive enough assistance. You also don’t have to speak on the phone or remain on hold as you get a response.

However, you may not get an answer immediately, especially if Wix currently has a queue. Even despite this, you’ll still manage to get the answer to your questions quickly and overcome the problem you’re facing with your Wix website.

This method works well for people with specific questions they can’t easily access and need to find solutions through other resources by seeking specific advice.

Request a Callback From Wix

If Wix users want another way to contact Wix, they can request a callback. Doing so means contacting Wix, leaving them your phone number, and waiting for them to call you back when they get the chance.

However, this approach may pose challenges, such as receiving a callback at an inconvenient time. The support team may also take a little while to contact you after you create the request, so you may need to exercise patience to some extent.

The method works well for some situations, such as those who struggle with technology. You may also find it easier to communicate when you hear someone talk with you rather than trying to interpret every word they send you in a message.

Use Wix’s Live Chat Support

If you need support as soon as possible, you could try Wix’s live chat service for additional help while managing and working on your website. You could get assistance with your work and explore what Wix’s live chat offers regarding additional help.

You can visit the link, click on the Start a Chat Request button, and enjoy a free conversation with Wix’s support.

You’ll get quick and efficient responses with this automated system, so this option works best for people who need answers as quickly as possible. However, you could face miscommunication issues if you don’t know how to phrase your questions to generate the right answers.

You also may need to navigate some automated messages at first if you are interested in connecting with a Wix company representative.

Therefore, if you want to chat with a Wix team member, you may have to wait for an available person to respond to your inquiries. This way, you receive answers to your specific questions and helpful tips for navigating the platform.

Wix’s Live Chat Support covers many of your needs, whether you are looking for an automated response or need to talk to an agent.

Search for Answers on the Wix Knowledge Base For Step By Step Tutorials

The Wix Knowledge Base, also called the Wix Help Center, lets you search for articles on different topics involving Wix and its many products and services. You can go on there, use the search bar, and see if they have any answers to your questions.

Going through the help center involves looking for knowledge articles and seeing if you can find what you need. This resource focuses on helping people develop their website while reviewing each page for more details and data.

You can find exactly what you need without needing to contact someone with knowledge of your situation. You can also use it to build your experience and learn how to create a Wix website effectively as you navigate through the help center.

However, you won’t have the direct assistance of Wix support when using this method. You must go through each page, so you may struggle to find what you need in the help center. Each page can be lengthy and provide detailed data to answer your questions, regardless of your experience. So, it’s vital that you read through the documents to find the solutions you need.

If you run into a simple or common problem, you can connect to the help center and check it for details. You could find the solution within a few minutes without going outside the help center to find your answers and develop your required skills.

Wix Social Media Support: Contact Wix on Social Media Platforms

You may have to reach out further to get help depending on your questions or the severity of your problem. If you don’t feel like finding what you need by searching for answers on your computer, try to seek Wix support through social media.

Companies utilize social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to interact with customers and help them. You can go on each platform and use the different communication methods to reach out to the company for additional support.

Wix Customer Support How To Contact Them

You can tweet Wix on Twitter or send a personal message if you prefer. You can also post on their wall, a video, or send a message to Wix on Facebook if you need support. The same applies to Instagram if that is your preferred social media platform.

Seeking information on social media could help you get the details from the business or a customer. Talking with the business on social media will also improve their traffic, so you can promote them while they help you.

However, some people may not want to publicize their concerns for another customer to see. You’ll also have to deal with ads as you go through the platforms to reach out and receive a quality answer from the business or a customer who comes across your post.

Social media works well if you want to accept help from another customer with Wix experience. You can also get an answer directly from Wix Support if you reach out through social media, so try this method if the other ones don’t work.

10com's Wix Support & Maintenance Services

Another terrific support option is using one of Wix’s partners. If you want additional help with Wix, you should contact 10com’s Wix Support to see the different packages and options they offer. They provide various support packages to suit any budget, so you can match what support they offer to your specific needs.



​What You Get


37 dollars per month

Up to 5 hours of support per year


67 dollars per month

Up to 10 hours of support per year


147 dollars per month

Unlimited monthly support

Having a partner like 10com’s Wix support is more than just technical help. Instead of navigating through the Wix Knowlege Base yourself or using their online chat feature, the experts at 10com will complete these tasks for you.

This added level of support takes care of many maintenance items for your Wix website. Do you need to redesign some of your pages or require better mobile optimization for those viewing your website on a mobile device? From designing pages to integrating Wix apps and optimization, 10com is your professional web design help at a fraction of the cost.

You can ask for a quote to get the best deal and see if they’ll offer any sales or discounts for the first year. Using a Wix partner like 10com will save you time and hassle creating and managing your website.

10com offers solid support when you compare it to another pro or partner part of the Wix marketplace. The Wix marketplace lets you hire various pros and partners to help you with your Wix site.

As you compare the status of 10com to the 44,000 Wix partners available, you’ll see that they have remained the top design partner for over ten years.

Final Thoughts

The Wix help team offers multiple avenues for you to reach out and receive help with your website. As you take advantage of the services and contact Wix, you’ll get support from the business and understand the best approach for your needs.

From Wix’s online support form to the Wix Knowledge Base, users can try these resources for convenient and accessible responses.

However, if you need prompt technical support that goes above and beyond a DIY website, reaching out to 10com’s Wix Support team is a terrific alternative. This method will save you time and hassle as you maintain a functional Wix website for your business.

As you reach out and ask for help, you’ll finally receive guidance from Wix Support and improve your website.


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