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Your Complete Guide to Wix Payments: An Online Payment Solution and Payout Guide for Your Business

Your Complete Guide to Wix Payments An Online Payment Solution and Payout Guide for Your Business

If you're running a business online, smoothly accepting payments is a game-changer. And if your website is built on Wix, you're in luck. Wix Payments simplifies this crucial aspect, making it easier to focus on growing your business rather than on the technicalities of transaction processing. Think of Wix Payments as your reliable, easy-to-use tool in the digital commerce world. 

This Wix payment guide will dive deep into what Wix Payments offers. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur managing your website or a business owner working with Wix web designers, this article is tailored for you. We'll cover everything from setting up Wix Payments to the various payment methods you can use. By the end of this guide, you'll clearly understand how Wix Payments can enhance your online business operations.

Wix Payments Explained

If you’re unfamiliar with it, Wix is a popular online platform allowing

g users to create, design, and manage their websites without advanced technical knowledge. It offers a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop tools, making it accessible for individuals and small businesses to establish an online presence.  

Wix provides a range of features, including website templates, custom domain names, and various integration options. 

Wix Payments is an integral part of the Wix ecosystem, designed to facilitate online transactions for businesses operating on the Wix platform. This in-built payment system allows you to manage and track your transactions in one place, making it a breeze for business owners like you. 

Wix Payments is designed to make your life easier. It's not just about accepting money; it's about managing your entire sales process smoothly. From keeping track of sales to handling refunds, Wix Payments is a one-stop solution for your online business needs.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Wix Payments stands out for its adaptability in a world where payment preferences vary widely. Catering to the diverse needs of your customers, it offers a range of payment options, ensuring everyone finds a convenient way to pay.  

This flexibility is crucial in today's global market, where customers expect a variety of payment methods.


From the ubiquity of major credit cards to the modern ease of digital wallets, Wix Payments is geared to keep your business inclusive and customer-friendly. Its diverse payment options are designed to meet the expectations of a wide range of customers, enhancing the user experience and potentially increasing sales conversions.

Major Credit Cards

Whether it's Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, Wix Payments has you covered. Offering these options means you can cater to most online shoppers. The acceptance of these globally recognized credit cards not only instills trust in your customers but also simplifies the transaction process.

Digital Wallets

Embrace the digital age with Google Pay and Apple Pay. This feature makes transactions lightning-fast and super convenient for customers on the go. Digital wallets are increasingly popular due to their enhanced security and ease of use, appealing especially to tech-savvy consumers.

Bank Transfers

Wix Payments also accommodates direct bank transfers, which is ideal for those who prefer traditional methods. This option is essential for catering to customers who prefer to avoid using credit cards or digital wallets online, thereby including a more traditional customer base.


A popular choice for online businesses, Stripe integration broadens your payment horizons, catering to a diverse customer base. Stripe's versatility and security make it a preferred choice for many e-commerce sites, and its integration with Wix Payments adds a layer of efficiency and reliability.


By incorporating these payment options, Wix Payments ensures that no matter who your customers are or where they are from, making a payment on your site is easy and hassle-free. 


This comprehensive approach to payment options positions your business as customer-centric and adaptable, key traits for success in the digital marketplace.

Wix Payment Service Fees

Understanding Wix Payments' fee structure is essential for effectively managing your online store's finances. Wix Payments is designed to be transparent and straightforward, ensuring you have complete visibility over the costs involved in each transaction. 


The fee system is based on the type of payment method used and the location of your business. This flexibility allows you to cater to many customers while controlling your expenses. 


Additionally, Wix's lack of monthly fees makes it an economical choice for businesses of all sizes.


Here's a breakdown of the fees you can expect with Wix Payments:

Transaction Fees:

  • The Lowdown: Wix charges a per-transaction fee for accepting credit cards, debit cards, and other digital payments. This fee depends on your location but generally falls between 1.9% and 2.9% of the transaction amount plus a fixed fee (around $0.30).

  • Location Matters: Good news for European sellers! You'll enjoy a slightly lower fee of 1.9% in the EU. The standard 2.9% + $0.30 applies to the rest of the world.

  • Alternative Payment Methods: Accepting payments via Wix POS (point-of-sale system) has slightly different fees. Tap to Pay (mobile payments) has the same 2.6% + $0.20 as the US, while Interac in Canada has a fixed fee of $0.15 per transaction.

Beyond Transactions:

  • No Monthly Drain: Unlike some competitors, Wix Payments has no monthly subscription fee. You only pay when you make a sale, keeping your business budget lean.

  • Chargebacks: Mistakes happen, and if a customer disputes a payment, you'll face a chargeback fee (around $15).

  • International Fees: Selling across borders? Expect an additional fee for international transactions. The exact amount depends on the currencies involved.

Wix Payments offers a convenient and affordable way to accept payments on your Wix website. By understanding their fees and tailoring your pricing accordingly, you can turn your online store into a profitable venture. Remember, no monthly fees and transparent transaction costs put you in control of your finances. Now go forth and sell with confidence!

Manage Your Business: A Guide to Setting Up Wix Payments

Setting up Wix Payments is a straightforward process that empowers you to start accepting online payments with ease. Now, we will walk you through each step, making the transition to a thriving online store smooth and seamless.

Activate the Payment Portal

  • Navigate to Settings > Accept Payments within your Wix dashboard.

  • Click "Connect" next to Wix Payments.

  • If your website still needs to be published, Wix will kindly nudge you first. Remember, a live website is essential for accepting payments.

Choose Your Payment Partners

  • Wix Payments allows you to accept credit cards, debit cards, and popular digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • Select your preferred payment methods from the available options. You can add more later if your business expands or customer preferences change.

Connect and Cash In

  • Now, it's time to link your bank account to receive payouts. Click "Manage Bank Account" and follow the straightforward on-screen instructions.

  • Wix might ask you to verify your identity with some documents for enhanced security. Rest assured, the process is quick and secure.

Bonus Round

  • Customize Checkout: Wix offers various checkout options to personalize your customers' experience. You can adjust currency language and even add discount codes to incentivize purchases.

  • Explore Alternative Payment Solutions: While Wix Payments is a great choice, consider integrating additional payment options like PayPal or Klarna to cater to diverse customer preferences and broaden your reach.

Things to Remember

Wix Payments has no monthly fees, so you only pay when you make a sale. This keeps your operating costs lean and flexible. Transaction fees vary slightly based on your location and chosen payment methods but generally fall within 1.9% to 2.9% of the transaction amount, plus a fixed fee. 

Why Customers Choose Wix Payments: A Look at the Pros and Cons

Choosing the right payment solution is crucial for your online business success.

Wix Payments offers a blend of simplicity and efficiency, but like any service, it has pros and cons. 


Understanding these can help you make a well-informed decision that aligns with your business objectives and operational needs.


  • Simple setup and seamless integration: Setting up Wix Payments is straightforward, requiring no complex coding or software installation. This plug-and-play solution easily integrates into your existing Wix website, providing a hassle-free experience for business owners.


  • No monthly fees: Wix Payments operates on a pay-per-transaction model, eliminating monthly subscription fees. This structure helps reduce overhead costs and especially benefits businesses with fluctuating sales volumes.



  • Popular payment options: Wix Payments accepts various payment methods, including major credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, accommodating many customer preferences.


  • Unified dashboard: A centralized dashboard for managing all transactions, payouts, and refunds. This feature simplifies financial tracking and administration, making it easier to oversee business finances.


  • Limited availability: Wix Payments is only available in some countries or currencies, which can be limiting for businesses targeting a global market. This restricted availability could impede expansion plans for some online stores.


  • Transaction fees: While Wix Payments' fees are competitive, they vary by location and payment method. This variation necessitates careful planning and consideration in your pricing strategy to maintain profitability.


  • Chargebacks can sting: Chargebacks are not frequent but can result in fees that impact your profit margins. It’s essential to have clear return policies and robust fraud prevention measures to minimize these occurrences.


  • Wix ecosystem reliance: Being an integral part of the Wix platform, if you decide to switch website builders in the future, you may need to adopt a new payment processing system, which can be a considerable transition.

Remember, the best payment provider depends on your needs and business goals. Weigh the pros and cons outlined here against your priorities to make an informed decision. Wix Payments might be a perfect fit for you today, with the potential to evolve and grow alongside your online business.

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Managing Your Payments: Frequently Asked Questions on How to Accept Online Payments with Wix

Here are some of the most common questions regarding Wix payments and all that surrounds it.

What are Wix payments? 

Wix Payments is the integrated payment solution provided by Wix, allowing you to handle all your online transactions directly on your website. It's designed to make the payment process seamless for you and your customers.

Can Wix websites take payments? 

Yes, Wix websites are fully equipped to accept payments. By integrating Wix Payments, your site can process various payments efficiently, making it convenient for your customers.

Does Wix take a percentage of sales? 

Wix does charge a percentage as a processing fee for each sale. This fee varies depending on the payment method and your geographical location, aligning with industry standards.

Does Wix charge transaction fees? 

Yes, Wix Payments imposes transaction fees for processing payments. These fees are part of handling online payments securely and efficiently.

How much does Wix charge per transaction? 

The specific charge per transaction depends on factors like your location and the chosen payment method. For instance, in the USA, credit card transactions incur a fee of 2.9% of the transaction amount plus 0.30 USD.

How to accept payments on Wix? 

To start accepting payments, configure Wix Payments on your site. This involves selecting your preferred payment methods and linking them to your Wix payments account, a straightforward process guided by Wix's user-friendly interface.

How long does Wix payment verification take? 

Typically, the verification for Wix Payments is completed within a few business days, ensuring your payment system is up and running smoothly.

How to accept crypto payments on Wix? 

While Wix doesn't directly support cryptocurrency, you can integrate third-party applications that facilitate crypto payments, thus expanding your payment options.

Are Wix payments secure? 

Yes, security is a top priority for Wix Payments, utilizing advanced encryption and security protocols to protect each transaction.

Are Wix payments legit? 

Wix Payments is a reputable and secure choice for processing online payments, trusted by businesses worldwide.

Is Wix always 50% off? 

Wix occasionally offers promotional discounts like 50% off, but they are subject to change and may not always be available.

Can you pay Wix subscriptions monthly? 

Wix offers the flexibility of monthly and annual subscriptions, catering to different budget and planning needs.

How much does a Wix website cost? 

The cost varies based on the subscription plan and web design services chosen, allowing for various budgets and requirements.

Does Wix accept PayPal? 

Yes, PayPal is one of the payment options supported by Wix, adding to the flexibility in payment methods.

Does Wix accept manual payments? 

Wix allows you to record manual payments, such as cash or check, in your transaction history for record-keeping.

How do I manage payment methods on Wix? 

Managing payment methods is done through the Wix dashboard, where you can easily add, remove, or modify your payment options.

How does Wix Payments help protect your business from fraudulent transactions?

Wix Payments incorporates advanced security measures to protect your business from fraudulent transactions. It uses stringent encryption standards and adheres to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to secure sensitive data. Additionally, Wix Payments offers a comprehensive fraud protection system that detects and blocks suspicious activities, thereby ensuring the integrity of your transactions and safeguarding your business interests.

What is Wix Payments?

Wix Payments is an online payment solution that allows you to accept payments for your business without setting up a third-party payment gateway. It also provides tools to manage your orders and payments, as well as protect your business against potential risks.

Can I use Wix Payments to accept in-person payments?

Yes, Wix Payments offers point-of-sale (POS) functionality, allowing you to accept in-person payments using a mobile device or tablet.

How can Wix Payments help protect my business?

Wix Payments provides secure payment processing to help protect your business from fraudulent transactions. It also offers tools to manage disputes and chargebacks, helping you to minimize risks associated with online transactions.

What are the benefits of using Wix Payments for my business?

By using Wix Payments, you’ll be able to receive payments for your goods and services, and your customers can choose from various payment methods. Additionally, you can manage your entire business, from managing orders and payments to tracking payouts, all within the Wix platform.

Is Wix Payments available for all types of businesses?

Wix Payments is not yet available for businesses selling CBD products, and certain restrictions may apply to specific industries and regions. It’s important to review the terms and conditions to ensure your business is eligible for Wix Payments.

How long does it take for the payout to reach my bank account with Wix Payments?

Typically, it takes a few business days for the payout to reach your bank account once the payment is processed, provided that your account is verified and in good standing.

What payment methods can my customers use with Wix Payments?

With Wix Payments, your customers can pay using credit and debit cards, as well as alternative payment methods such as Boleto and Pay Now by Klarna (BNPL).

Can I manage international payments and payouts with Wix Payments?

Yes, Wix Payments allows you to manage payments and payouts for international transactions, enabling you to reach your bank account in different currencies and regions.

What happens if I need assistance with Wix Payments?

Wix provides customer support and resources to help you set up and manage Wix Payments, so you can get back to your Wix website with ease.

Where can I find related content and resources about Wix Payments?

You can access a wealth of related content and resources about Wix Payments within the Wix Help Center and community forums, offering guidance and best practices for maximizing the benefits of Wix Payments for your business.

Final Thoughts

Wix Payments emerges as an all-encompassing, secure solution for efficiently handling online transactions. Its ability to support diverse payment methods and a transparent fee structure makes it an ideal choice for businesses seeking efficiency and reliability. 


To truly capitalize on what Wix Payments offers, the expertise of a professional web developer is invaluable.


This is where 10com Web Development comes into play. Their team of experienced Wix web developers can ensure that Wix Payments is seamlessly integrated into your website and tailored to your business needs. 


With their help, you can transform your site into a powerhouse of efficiency and user-friendliness. For expert assistance and to learn more about optimizing your Wix Payments setup, visit 10com Web Development.

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