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Best Wedding Websites: Free Wedding Websites That Celebrate Your Wedding Style

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Free Wedding Websites That Celebrate Your Wedding Style

Weddings are a grand celebration of love, unity, and a lifetime ahead. With the increasing digitization of our lives, many couples turn to wedding websites as a trendy and efficient way to keep guests informed and involved in the wedding planning process. This article helps you find a free wedding website that aligns perfectly with your unique wedding style.

Choosing the Best Wedding Websites

When selecting the best wedding websites, various factors include design tools, dashboard friendliness, and many templates. According to customer feedback and reviews, the following websites stand out for their exceptional services in helping couples create their dream wedding website.



Brides is an all-in-one platform where you can quickly build your free wedding website.

Best for: Comprehensive Wedding Planning

  • Design Tools: Offers an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

  • Dashboard Friendliness: Simplified, user-friendly dashboard for all your wedding details.

  • Choice of Templates: Many elegant designs cater to all wedding styles.

  • Building Experience: Quick and hassle-free, even for those who need to be tech-savvy.

  • RSVP Functionality and Tracking: Built-in RSVP form with real-time tracking.

  • Custom Domain: Option to upgrade for a custom URL.

  • Wish List Customization: Easily link your wedding registry.

  • Cost: Free basic plan with optional upgrades.

  • Additional: Offers wedding stationery that matches your website.

The Knot

The knot

The Knot is highly popular and offers a range of complimentary planning tools and templates.

Best for: User Experience and Free Planning Tools

  • Design Tools: Variety of drag-and-drop elements.

  • Dashboard Friendliness: Organized and easy-to-navigate dashboard.

  • Choice of Templates: Multiple designs suited to various wedding styles.

  • Building Experience: A guided journey, ideal for beginners.

  • RSVP Functionality and Tracking: Efficient RSVP system with a tracking feature.

  • Custom Domain: Available at an extra cost.

  • Wish List Customization: Option to link multiple registries.

  • Cost: Free with premium features at additional costs.

  • Additional: It also offers a mobile app for on-the-go planning.



Zola is another excellent option for those who prioritize design and aesthetics.

Best for: Modern Design and Aesthetics

Design Tools: Customizable and up-to-date design tools.

Dashboard Friendliness: Intuitive and user-friendly.

Choice of Templates: A curated list of modern templates.

Building Experience: Smooth, with lots of guidance.

RSVP Functionality and Tracking: Seamless RSVP management.

Custom Domain: Available for purchase.

Wish List Customization: Comprehensive registry options.

Cost: Free with optional upgrades.

Additional: Easy-to-use wedding planning tools such as a checklist and guest list.

These platforms offer couples the means to share multiple events leading up to the big day, from the save-the-dates to wedding invitations, all integrated seamlessly into your wedding website design. With the options available, you can find the perfect platform to prepare for your wedding day.



Minted stands out for its artist-driven design philosophy, offering unique website templates.

Best for: Artist-Designed Templates

Design Tools: A rich selection of artist-created design elements.

Dashboard Friendliness: Clean and straightforward dashboard interface.

Choice of Templates: Exclusively designed, high-quality templates.

Building Experience: Easy and intuitive, suitable for non-designers.

RSVP Functionality and Tracking: Built-in, easy-to-use RSVP system.

Custom Domain: Available for an additional fee.

Wish List Customization: Allows integration with your preferred registry.

Cost: Free basic option with premium upgrades.

Additional: It also offers matching physical wedding stationery.

Wix and Wix Partners


Wix offers a highly customizable experience, and its third-party designers (Wix Partners) can further elevate your website's design.

Best for: Customization and Professional Design

Design Tools: Extensive range of design tools and apps.

Dashboard Friendliness: Highly intuitive and customizable dashboard.

Choice of Templates: Hundreds of templates across various styles.

Building Experience: Wix ADI helps in easy and quick website creation.

RSVP Functionality and Tracking: Easy-to-set-up RSVP with real-time tracking.

Custom Domain: Available in premium plans.

Wish List Customization: Can integrate with various registry services.

Cost: Free version available, premium plans for added features.

Additional: High level of customization using third-party apps.

Riley & Grey

Riley & Grey

Riley & Grey offers a luxury experience for those who want an elegant and chic wedding website.

Best for: Luxury and Chic Designs

Design Tools: High-end design elements for a polished look.

Dashboard Friendliness: User-friendly and organized dashboard.

Choice of Templates: Curated luxury templates.

Building Experience: Easy to use with a luxury feel.

RSVP Functionality and Tracking: Streamlined and stylish RSVP system.

Custom Domain: Available as part of their service.

Wish List Customization: Easy registry integration.

Cost: Positioned at a higher price point for premium features.

Additional: Offers password protection for added privacy.

Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire is a complete package, offering a wide range of planning tools and free wedding websites.

Best for: All-In-One Wedding Planning

Design Tools: Functional and varied range of design elements.

Dashboard Friendliness: Comprehensive and easy-to-use dashboard.

Choice of Templates: A wide array of templates suits any wedding style.

Building Experience: Quick and hassle-free.

RSVP Functionality and Tracking: Efficient and robust RSVP features.

Custom Domain: Available at an additional cost.

Wish List Customization: Integrates with popular registry services.

Cost: Free with optional premium features.

Additional: Includes other planning tools like checklists and vendor lists.

With Joy

With Joy

With Joy specializes in creating joyful and vibrant wedding websites that radiate happiness.

Best for: Vibrant, Joyful Themes

Design Tools: A colorful palette and dynamic design elements.

Dashboard Friendliness: User-friendly, intuitive dashboard.

Choice of Templates: An array of cheerful and lively templates.

Building Experience: Quick and joyful, living up to its name.

RSVP Functionality and Tracking: Effective and straightforward.

Custom Domain: Available with premium plans.

Wish List Customization: Seamless integration with popular registries.

Cost: Free basic option, premium upgrades available.

Additional: Offers virtual wedding features, a new trend in wedding planning.



WedSites offers a robust suite of planning tools, making it an excellent choice for the hands-on couple.

Best for: Comprehensive Planning

Design Tools: Full-featured, versatile design options.

Dashboard Friendliness: Well-organized, comprehensive dashboard.

Choice of Templates: Numerous templates tailored to different wedding styles.

Building Experience: Streamlined, with built-in planning tools.

RSVP Functionality and Tracking: Advanced RSVP with guest management.

Custom Domain: Available for purchase.

Wish List Customization: Includes built-in wedding registry options.

Cost: Free to start, with tiered premium features.

Additional: Integrated budget planner and timeline tools.

Bliss & Bone

Bliss & Bone

Bliss & Bone caters to the modern couple seeking a sleek, contemporary wedding website.

Best for: Modern, Sleek Designs

Design Tools: Cutting-edge design elements for a modern look.

Dashboard Friendliness: Clean, minimalist dashboard.

Choice of Templates: Limited but high-quality, modern templates.

Building Experience: Focused and straightforward.

RSVP Functionality and Tracking: Efficient, easy-to-use RSVP system.

Custom Domain: Available at an additional fee.

Wish List Customization: Easy integration with trendy registries.

Cost: Higher-end, premium pricing for exclusive features.

Additional: It also offers digital and printed stationery to match your site.

Benefits of a Personalized Wedding Website

A personalized wedding website can bring many benefits that streamline the planning process and enhance the overall experience for you and your guests.

At its core, a wedding website acts as a centralized hub where all essential information can be accessed anytime, reducing confusion and eliminating those last-minute panicked phone calls.

  • Information Sharing: Outline the day's schedule, venue directions, dress code, and other wedding details.

  • RSVP Tracking: Simplify RSVPs by letting guests confirm online.

  • Photo and Video Sharing: A platform to share engagement photos, videos, or even live stream the ceremony.

  • Gift Registry: Link your gift registry directly to your website to make it easier for guests.

  • Multiple Events: Include details for bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, and post-wedding brunches.

Ignite Your Love Story: The Power of Choosing the Right Wedding Website Templates!

Choosing a suitable design template is crucial for creating the right ambiance and style for a wedding website. The design should resonate with your wedding style, whether rustic, elegant, or whimsical.

Quality templates make it easy to upload photos, write your love story, and share all the logistical details without requiring you to be a tech wizard.

Before selecting a website builder, look for:

  • User-friendly Dashboard: The dashboard should be intuitive enough to navigate easily.

  • Quality Templates: The more high-quality templates available, the better the chances of finding one that suits your wedding style.

  • Customization: Look for options to personalize colors, fonts, and layouts to match your wedding theme better.

Additional Costs of a Free Wedding Website

While many wedding website platforms offer "free" options, it is essential to note that not all features are included at no cost. Some elements typically part of premium plans can add up and should be budgeted accordingly.

  • Custom Domain: A personalized URL generally comes at an extra cost.

  • Advanced RSVP Tracking: Advanced features, such as meal choices or sub-events, often require a paid plan.

  • Additional Pages or Storage: You may need to upgrade for more than the primary number of pages or storage space for photos and videos.

So, as you explore options for your wedding website URL, consider what is offered for free and what features warrant an extra cost to ensure your website is as special as your wedding day.

Wedding Day Website Must-Haves

Trends in wedding websites have shifted towards providing a fully immersive experience, featuring everything from countdown clocks to interactive venue maps. A must-have is a mobile-responsive design, ensuring guests can access details on the go.

Guest Registration

Guest registration is a convenient way to collect information such as dietary restrictions and song requests.

Benefits: Streamlines logistics, makes for a more personalized experience and saves time in the planning process.


Online RSVPs eliminate the need for paper invites and can be tracked in real-time.

Benefits: Easy for guests to use, real-time tracking for the couple, and a more eco-friendly approach to wedding planning.

Customize Your Wedding Websites

Customization allows couples to infuse their personalities and themes into the wedding website.

Benefits: Provides a unique user experience, reflects the couple's personality, and keeps the theme consistent across all wedding elements.


Embedding videos is a trendy way to share the couple's journey or even introduce the wedding party.

Benefits: Enhances emotional connection, offers an engaging experience, and allows creative storytelling.

Custom URL

A custom URL adds a touch of professionalism and makes the website easy to remember.

Benefits: Increases website credibility, is easier to remember for guests and can be a fun, personalized touch.


Other must-haves include a day-of timeline and options for sharing social media photos.

Benefits: Provides an explicit schedule for guests and allows guests to engage and share memories in real-time.


Some websites offer password protection or guest list matching to keep your wedding details private.

Benefits: Increases security, ensures only guests can access details, and provides peace of mind for the couple.

Wedding Invitations: Sharing Your Celebration and Invitations with Guests

Sharing your wedding website is easier than ever, thanks to social media, QR codes, and email. It eliminates the need for paper invites, providing an eco-friendly alternative that feels personal and engaging.

Let Professionals Handle the Magic: The Role of a Beautiful Wedding Website in Making Your Dream Day a Reality!

When managing your wedding website, delegating the design and logistics to a professional team like 10com can save you invaluable time and alleviate the stress often associated with DIY attempts. Dealing with clients with wedding date jitters might be daunting, but a professional wedding website can go a long way in calming their nerves.

With 10com, you're not just getting a design team but an award-winning web design agency with unmatched experience, rapid turnaround times, and a passion for their client's vision. You get 100% ownership of the final product, designed from scratch, catering to your unique needs, and you never have to compromise on quality for speed.

Wedding Day Website Conclusion

Choosing the right platform for your wedding website can make all the difference in how smoothly your wedding planning goes, how well guests are informed, and how special your big day feels.

From customization options to interactive RSVPs, a well-designed website is more than just a nice-to-have; it is a modern wedding essential.

Ready to Turn Heads and Capture Hearts? Say 'I Do' to 10com's Web Design Services

Refrain from settling for less when commemorating one of the most important days of your life. Choose 10com for bespoke web design, cutting-edge graphic design, and compelling content writing services.

With our experienced team, rapid turnaround times, and commitment to your vision, we ensure your wedding website is extraordinary. Say 'I Do' to 10com, and let us craft a digital experience that captures your wedding day's essence, excitement, and elegance.

Got Questions About Creating Your Perfect Wedding Website? Get the Answers in Our Comprehensive FAQ Section!

Let's dive into some frequently asked questions about wedding websites.

Which site is best for weddings?

The best site varies based on needs, but 10com offers custom, award-winning designs tailored to your wedding style.

Is Zola or the Knot better?

Both are popular, but Zola offers more customization, while The Knot has a broader range of planning tools.

Are wedding websites still a thing?

Wedding websites are now a staple for modern wedding planning, offering convenience and personalization.

Is Wix a good wedding website?

Yes, Wix offers versatile templates and customization, but for a truly unique experience, consider using a Wix partner like 10com for your wedding website design.

What is a wedding website?

A wedding website is a website that couples can create to share information and details about their wedding with their guests.

Why should I create a wedding website?

Creating a wedding website is a great way to keep your guests informed about all the important details regarding your wedding. It's also a convenient way to manage your guest list and collect RSVPs.

How can I create a wedding website?

You can create a wedding website using a wedding website builder. There are many free wedding website builders available that offer beautiful templates and customizable options.

Do I really need a wedding website?

While it's not mandatory to have a wedding website, it can greatly simplify the wedding planning process for both you and your guests. It's an efficient way to share important information and receive RSVPs.

How long does it take to create a wedding website?

With a wedding website builder, you can create a wedding website in minutes. Simply choose a template, add your wedding information, and customize it according to your preferences.

Can I customize my wedding website?

Yes, most wedding website builders offer customizable options. You can personalize your website by adding photos, changing colors and fonts, and arranging the layout to match your wedding theme.

Can I create a custom URL for my wedding website?

Yes, many wedding website builders allow you to create a custom URL for your wedding website. This can be a memorable and unique domain name that reflects your wedding.

How do I collect RSVPs using a wedding website?

With a wedding website, you can easily collect RSVPs online. Guests can visit your website, select their response, and provide any additional information you may need.

Can I add my wedding events to the website?

Absolutely! Your wedding website is the perfect platform to share details about all your wedding events, including the ceremony, reception, and any other related festivities.

Are there any stationery options available to match my wedding website?

Many wedding website builders offer stationery options, such as customizable invites and save-the-date cards that can match the design of your website. It's a great way to ensure consistency across all your wedding communications.


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