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Premium Wix Maintenance & Support
Packages from a Top-Tier Wix Partner


Make Your Wix Site Stand Out from the Crowd

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Save time by outsourcing Wix site development to a Wix partner offering premium services

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Grow your business with resources that can help your brand thrive

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Save money by getting all your Wix support in one convenient package

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Wix Support Packages Provide
Savings and Convenience

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Our professional designers provide an incredible user experience for your website guests

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We take care of your Wix website so you can focus on growing your business

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The 10com Difference

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Dedicated Project Managers – No matter the size of your brand, you get a friendly and knowledgeable manager for your project

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Quality and Speed – We won’t sacrifice quality for speed, but we also understand the importance of having your site updates ready fast

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Retain Creative Control – The site and all materials remain yours (copyrights, trademarks, etc.); we just do the work for you

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Simplify Complicated Tasks – We are Wix website experts, so you don’t have to become one yourself to get the best site

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Affordable Wix Web Development & Design Support Services

10com Web Development is committed to providing affordable web development and design services for any size business. The packages for our Wix maintenance and support services can provide considerable savings over using a local marketing agency. 10com gives you access to premium design services from the most experienced Wix design team on the planet. If you want to work with the top 1% in the business without breaking your budget, 10com is how you do it.

Why Choose 10com?

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Over 10k Wix websites completed and counting! There is no team on the planet that has more experience with Wix design.

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The #1 Wix partner for over a decade. Not top 100. Not top 10. Number one (of more than 44k).

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We are members of the Wix advisory board

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We’ve achieved Legend Partners status 20+ times over 

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Since 2021, we are now exclusive Wix partners

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More than 1,000 5-star reviews and counting – yours can be our next 5-star project!

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Wix Website Maintenance & Support Packages and Pricing

Only $47/Month

Up to one support hour per month

Add new pages or products not included

Only $97/Month

Up to 2 support hours per month

Add new pages or products not included

Only $147/Month

Get unlimited Wix website support for a fixed monthly rate

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What Can Support Packages Be Used For?

You can use your support package to acquire any Wix website edits you need, including but not limited to all of the following services:

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Wix website edits and updates

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Add new web pages, services

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Add new products

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Add blog posts

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Update content, images, etc.

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Add Wix Apps (booking, events, restaurants, forum, chat, Instagram feed, Wix hotels, Wix FAQ, Wix forms, membership, etc.)

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Platform issues? Leverage our partnership with Wix to receive priority support!

NOTE:  New websites are quoted separately. Custom coding (Velo) and SEO services are not included. Please request a quote for these add-on services.


Getting Started Is Easy!

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Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Wix Support Services

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Grow Your Business Without Expanding Your Team

10com makes outsourcing Wix website tasks a no-brainer by eliminating the factors that complicate website support:

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No more endless waiting for a web designer to reply to your messages

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No long-term commitment

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No budget-crushing lump-sum payment 

Are you ready to get all these benefits?

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Receive premium services from a top Wix partner agency (top 1%)

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Retain ownership (we do the work – you own it)

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Work with a dedicated project manager (no wait time)

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No contract (cancel anytime)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are task turnaround times?

We always endeavor to turn tasks around as quickly as possible. Our standard is 3-5 business days per task.

What constitutes a task?

A task is a single piece of work that you choose to delegate to the 10com team. For example, adding a new product to your site counts as a task. Redesigning your entire site is a project, not a task.

How many tasks may I request each month?

This depends on several factors, including your support package and the complexity of each task requested. Sometimes, we may require more information or feedback, and a slow response from the client will reduce completion time and the number of tasks we can accomplish per month. Clients with a clear project plan who offer detailed instructions will avoid major revisions and be able to experience more completed tasks per month.

Do I get a dedicated designer?

Not necessarily. You will have a dedicated project manager who will be your direct contact and will ensure that each of our team members accomplishes the tasks assigned to them. However, each designer and developer on our team has a specialty and may be assigned tasks from more than one client. It’s always best to delegate a task to the person who is best suited for it.

Okay, so where are the hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees. You pay a monthly flat rate for our Wix support services.

What services are not included in these Wix support packages?

Velo coding and SEO services are not included in our package services and will be quoted separately upon request.

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