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10com Web Development Becomes Number One Rated Web Design Agency In The City Of Chicago, Illinois

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

10com Web Development Becomes Number One Rated Web Design Agency In Chicago


Chicago, Illinois – 10com, an award-winning high-volume web design agency that has worked with international brands, such as Adidas, Asics, and Caterpillar, is proud to announce it has recently become the number one rated web design agency in Chicago, Illinois.

With a client-centered focus that has fueled growth and a unique approach where each new website is treated like a blank canvas, 10com has received more than 1,000 5-star reviews across a variety of reputable platforms, making it the number one-rated web design agency in Chicago. This success also extends to 10com’s second location in Fort Worth, where the agency maintains its highest-rated position and is currently celebrating the expansion’s 1 year anniversary.

A spokesperson for 10com said, “The goal is to empower our clients to be able to manage all the assets we create easily and create a consistent brand experience at multiple touchpoints to help the business achieve a strong foundation in regard to branding. We believe in doing business differently, unlike others in the industry that keep the clients dependent upon the web developer. We empower our clients; they own everything we create for them, and we focus on building a long-term relationship.”

To commemorate this impressive achievement and as a thank you to its loyal customers, 10com has recently revamped its ‘Business Growth Package’ to deliver more value, savings and to provide an option for new businesses needing high-end services, such as logo-branding, content writing, and website design at an affordable rate. The new package additionally includes up to 3 rounds of revisions per page, direct email contact with a dedicated project manager, custom Wix Website Design, built-in search engine optimization (SEO), and much more.

Award Winning Digital Services

As the number 1 Wix Web Design partner for over 10 years (standing out from the crowd of over 44,000 partners) and a member of the Wix advisory board since 2020, 10com is a renowned expert on all platforms and provides a wide variety of digital services to assist businesses in boosting their bottom lines. These include:

Web Design

The experienced web designers at 10com can develop visually enticing, intuitive websites that stand out from the competition to help increase a brand being noticed by their target audience.

Ecommerce Development

10com offers eCommerce website solutions that turn page views into revenue by creating the perfect online shopping environment that builds a consumer's trust in the products available.

Video Production and Animation

Whether that's for the brand's official website or a catchy short on Youtube, 10com helps businesses draw attention from consumers and keeps their eyes glued to websites with its stunning video production and animation services.

Graphic Design

The team at 10com can create an eye-catching business or brand logo that will stay in customers' minds and generate instant recognizability when they reencounter the logo or business.

Content Writing

Instead of writing just for search engines, the skilled content writers at 10com have the expertise to provide fresh copy for each client that will effectively sell their product or business.

Search Engine Optimization

10com incorporates SEO into every website it designs and ensures every site is functional, easy to navigate, and attracts the right web traffic to increase views dramatically.

Social Media

The knowledgeable team at 10com will handle daily posting on social media accounts, efficiently build a brand, and craft a successful presence on LinkedIn so clients can focus on growing their businesses.

Digital Marketing and Advertising

From PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns and sponsored content on social media to direct marketing and email campaigns, 10com has the digital marketing and advertising solutions to maximize customer lifetime value.

10com additionally has an informative Blog on its website that shares the latest industry tips and tricks, as well as being a one-stop shop for everything about web design and development.

More information

To find out more about 10com Web Development and to see a complete list of its digital services, please visit the website at

Contact Person: Mark Barber

Company: 10com Web Development

Address: 205 North Michigan Avenue

Suite 810

Chicago, Illinois 60601

United States

Contact Number: (312) 321-7496



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