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Get Leads On-demand With The Ultimate PPC Marketing Management Services

Google Ads Is the World’s #1 Platform for Digital Marketing

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We Get You the Target Leads You Need

Drive a targeted audience to your landing page when they are ready to buy

Turn Landing Page Hits into Sales

Our landing pages are known for high conversion rates to maximize PPC ROI

Benefit from Our Dedicated Campaign Managers

You have direct email access to an experienced PPC campaign manager

Analytics You
Can Trust

Get real numbers that show your PPC campaigns at work, so you can clearly see your returns

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The Digital Marketing Services to Help Your Business Thrive

No one wants to spend money on ad campaigns to get hit-or-miss results.

When you partner up with 10com Web Development, you are putting our experience in your corner, so you don’t have to guess if your Google Ads will perform.

Our team is experienced in developing an overall strategy for your paid search engine campaigns. We understand how the platform works, so we can find the right traffic for your site. And our creative team can craft ads that catch the right eyes.

Let our professional campaign managers set you on a course to running PPC campaigns that produce real results!


The Best ROI Strategies!

Our market research team finds the right search terms to target, so your PPC campaigns are able to win traffic and provide real results.

Competitive analysis plays a key role in helping your brand beat competitors in the race to consumers who are looking to take action today.

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Improve your search engine rankings and drive more organic search traffic to your website

Targeting Full Lead Generation

Increase the frequency your contact form is submitted and the quality of the leads.

Targeting Phone Calls

If your business relies on phone calls, we’ll target consumers who will click your number.

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Increase Your ROI By Decreasing Your Costs

The most successful PPC campaigns reach consumers at the right point in the customer lifecycle – when they are looking to buy now!

Our PPC optimization strategy finds your target audience at just the right moment, so you’re not paying for unnecessary clicks.

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Stage 1: Designing Your Campaign

Our campaign design team is already strategizing the best way to reach your future customers at just the right moment. We’re always thinking ahead to save your precious ad dollars.

Stage 2: Keyword Selection

One of the key elements of targeting the right traffic at the best possible moment is figuring out what a shopper is typing when they are ready to buy.

Stage 3: CPC Optimization

We optimize your campaign, so each click costs you as little as possible while still ensuring your click-through rate is strong.

Stage 4: Optimizing Conversions

Once you are getting click-throughs at the optimal price, we work to ensure those clicks convert into revenue.

Stage 5: Scaling the Campaign

We continue to test to make micro-adjustments to the campaign, so you get even more targeted traffic at the optimal price and right when they are ready to buy. Once you have a profitable campaign, we keep expanding it to increase those profits.


Our Landing Pages Get the Job Done

Once traffic reaches your website, you rely on your landing page to close the deal. 10com builds landing pages that optimize your conversion rate.



Work with Your Own Personal PPC Expert

You can email your Campaign Manager at any time to discuss your ongoing and future campaigns.

Your Campaign Manager Is a Certified Professional Who Is Working for You.

Our Google Ads Certified professionals know how to get the job done and are here when you need them.


Always Be In-The-Know with Transparent Analytics

We show you measurable key performance indicators, so you know how well your campaigns are performing.

Our weekly reports and monthly email updates review your existing campaigns and goals to ensure you’re staying on target!

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Custom Ad Solutions for Any Industry

We’ve been doing this for a while, so chances are we’ve already managed a campaign for a brand in your niche. Here are some of our specialties:

Local Businesses

We can target local traffic with your PPC campaigns. Get a consistent stream of calls & new clients.

Marketing Agencies

We’ve done it for ourselves, and we can do it for you. Get more leads, strategy sessions, and clients.

Online Stores

Increase your eCommerce revenue and reduce cart abandonment.

Software as a Service

Let’s get you more subscribers for your SaaS.

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When We Say Pro, We Mean Pro

Being a Google Partner is about more than just clout. It means we’re experienced and skilled. We’ve hit the dollar amounts and deliverables required to be considered professionals when it comes to developing and maintaining PPC campaigns on Google.


Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of 10com’s successful client projects, so you can see our work producing real-life results for clients.

Business Plan

10com PPC: How It Works

  1. Campaign Briefing – Submit our PPC campaign form so we can understand your business as well as the goals of your campaign.

  2. Design & Development – From keyword research to competitive analysis, we do the prep work for your campaign. Then we design the landing page and produce the content, so your paid clicks turn into revenue.

  3. Your Campaign Goes Live – Once everything is approved by you, we launch the campaign, and you start getting traffic.

  4. Campaign Optimization & Analytics – Next, we use real-world data to continue optimizing your campaign, so you get the best ROI. We also provide access to our reporting dashboard, so you can see the numbers for yourself.

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Complete Lead Generation
$1000 / Per Month

For ad spend of $1K-3K/month greater

Total design and management of the campaigns

Premium landing page creation

Dynamic remarketing campaigns

Call-only advertising on Google

1-Time $500 Setup Fee Required

6 Month Commitment Required

Google Call-Only Ads
$500 / Per Month

For ad spend of $250/month or greater

Call-only ads drive calls directly to your business rather than website traffic

Total design and management of the campaigns

Call-only advertising on Google

1-Time $500 Setup Fee Required

6 Month Commitment Required

Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns
$500 / Per Month

For ad spend of $250/month or greater

Total design and management of the campaigns

Dynamic remarketing campaigns

1-Time $500 Setup Fee Required

6 Month Commitment Required

Choose how much you intend to spend. Choose your package. Then, let’s create great PPC campaigns together that increase your ROI. Remember, we only collect fees for managing the campaigns. The Google Ad fees will be paid directly to Google by you.


Packages & Pricing

PPC services offered by 10com

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Competitive Analysis – We research your competition to prepare campaigns that give you the advantage

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Campaign Optimization – We optimize your campaign throughout the design phase and into the launch to maximize your returns

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Premium Landing Pages – When you’re paying for clicks, you need your landing pages to perform

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Dedicated Project Manager – Your project manager is an expert in PPC campaigns and is always just an email away

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Flexible Options – We create campaigns that meet your business needs and objectives

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Transparent Analytics – You get access to our reporting dashboard so you can see your ad dollars at work

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