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If You're Not Making Social Posts Everyday. You're Not Taking Every Opportunity to Grow

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Daily Social Media Posts To Grow Your Business

Consistency is Key: Why You Need to Post on Social Media Every Day

There’s no doubt about it: your audience lives on social media—no matter who that audience is. Facebook’s monthly user count totals nearly 3 billion, Instagram has more than 2 billion active accounts, and TikTok has rocketed to 1 billion global users in a few short years.

So, the eyeballs are there. But they might be darting back and forth between near-endless content inputs.

How do you grab—then keep—their attention? How do you harness the most powerful free marketing tool out there?

You post every day. Without fail.

This advice isn’t just an educated guess about ideal scheduling; it comes straight from the source. TikTok advises creators to post one to four videos a day, and they’re not alone in that recommendation.

No matter which stage of growth your business is in, you can make gains by posting daily on social media. Still not convinced? Here’s why it pays to have a consistent posting strategy.

#1 You’ll Have More Opportunities for Organic Reach

When it comes to social media, organic reach is the ultimate goal. Of course, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns work, but you don’t always need (or want) to drop thousands on social media ads to reach a massive audience.

Most social platforms rely on organic engagement, viewing it as an indicator of what users want to see—not what businesses pay to make users see. With that in mind, you can reach hundreds of thousands of people without spending a dime. All you have to do is post high-quality, valuable content every day.

When you post daily, you give yourself at least seven chances of having a viral video, photo, or tweet every week. And even if you don’t crack a million views on each post, you can still reap the benefits of consistency.

How? Posting every day allows you to take advantage of the “waterfall effect” built into social platform algorithms. As Instagram explains, the more likes, comments, shares, and saves you gain, the more likely users will find your posts through the Explore feature. From there, new users like and save your post, causing Instagram to push your content to even more accounts that might like it. Then those users like and comment, and the cycle continues. The more you post, the more content there is to push.

#2 You Can Increase Brand Awareness

To become aware of your brand, users first have to see you. With regularly posted content on their feeds, their darting eyeballs have a better chance of landing on your content.

In the case of social media, brand awareness can take on two meanings:

  • First, there’s the traditional definition of knowledge that your brand exists. As outlined above, more posts generally mean more impressions. More impressions mean more awareness.

  • Second, daily posts can also bring awareness as to who you are and what you do as a brand. Through stories, reels, and strategic feed posts, you can present your business to consumers in a transparent, behind-the-curtain way. In a world where 90% of customers list authenticity as a key factor in choosing brands to support, that’s worth a lot.

#3 You’ll See Improved Conversion Rates

As more people interact with your growing collection of posts, some of them will give your product or service a try. A survey from Instagram suggests that 83% of people have discovered new products or services on the platform.

If you view each social media platform as another sales channel, you can start to recognize how vital it is to post consistently. You wouldn’t open your retail store only three days a week—so why make only three posts per week?

Frequent posting ensures potential customers have as much up-to-date information as possible. It also assures on-the-fence users that your company is active online, which means you’ll be available if post-purchase problems arise. These factors—made evident by daily posts—can convince more users to click “Buy Now.”

#4 You Can Curate a Narrative (and Try Other Creative Moves)

Let’s face it: attention spans are short. So, when you’re building a narrative around a product rollout or the opening of a new location, posting every day keeps the piece-by-piece story fresh in your followers’ feeds and minds.

Daily posting also allows for other creative opportunities. You can slowly drop hints about an upcoming release, plan an account takeover to amass user-generated content, host a giveaway contest that invites (and even demands) user participation, or come up with a weekly series that keeps people coming back for the next installment.

And if today’s strategy didn’t deliver the results you wanted, there’s always tomorrow’s post.

#5 You Can Engage More With Your Followers

A post on Facebook or Instagram is more than a one-sided announcement—it’s an opportunity to connect with your consumers. And the more often you post, the more likely you are to see meaningful engagement from followers and curious onlookers alike.

In short, don’t make the mistake of shouting to the masses from your window before quickly closing the blinds. Instead, use the comments section of your daily posts to:

  • Engage in discussions

  • Answer questions

  • Upsell and cross-sell

  • Resolve customer complaints

  • Show off your brand personality

Ultimately, this is where the “social” part of social media comes in. You can stay active and build a community by responding to every comment, whether it’s with a tip or trick, a clever quip, or even just a Raising Hands emoji.

#6 You’ll Rank Better in Search Results

Posting daily can help you pop up spontaneously on someone’s feed, but it can also improve your chances of being found via two different avenues of searching:

  • Traditional search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo – Because search engines crawl and index social platforms like Facebook, following SEO best practices on each daily post can help your content rank higher in search results, thereby opening up a new inbound channel.

  • Each social media site’s built-in search function – Each time you add a hashtag, location tag, or keyword in the copy of your post, you increase the likelihood of appearing in in-app search results.

#7 You Give the People What They Want

Users don’t follow your account because they want to boost your metrics. They follow you because they like your content. So give them what they came for!

Posting informative or entertaining content every day keeps your followers coming back. Case in point: 70% of Facebook users open the app at least once every 24 hours. Your social media manager should, too.

When you fall off a consistent posting schedule, your avid followers see you less and less, making it easier for them to forget about you—or unfollow you altogether.

Keep the Daily Posts Coming—Without the Daily Stress

If you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner, chances are the benefits of daily social media posts aren’t entirely new to you. You know that if you want to grow a company, social media can be one of the quickest pathways to success.

However, posting every day is easier said than done. When you have a thousand responsibilities on your mind, your Instagram grid and Twitter feed may not be your priority—even when you know they should be.

That’s where a social media marketing service can help. At 10com Web Development, we’re offering exclusive, invitation-only plans that take daily social posts off your plate. We write the content and post it for you—365 days a year.

Ready to benefit from a full-service social media plan? Fill out an application today, tell us more about your brand, and we’ll be in touch soon.


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