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The Importance of Your Call-to-Action

The importance of a strong call-to-action (CTA) is not limited to any particular industry or niche. This is just a fraction of the text on your website, but it is some of the most important words. Why? It tells the site visitor what to do next.

Consider some of the following things your CTA can encourage:

  • Request a free quote

  • Get a callback

  • Sign up for our newsletter

  • Follow us on Facebook

  • Download our “Guide to…“

  • Start your free trial

CTAs are a vital part of lead generation. All you need is the person to enter one or two pieces of key information and click submit. Now you have a mailing list for email marketing, leads for direct marketing campaigns, or perhaps even a direct sale from the site if the CTA is for a subscription.

So here are a few tips to make your CTAs work.

Keep It Short

Max word count on a CTA is about 5. Be direct. In a few words, you can both tell your visitor what action to take and what the benefit will be. For example, “Expand Your Reach—Click Here” could advertise your social media services.

Make It the Focus

The biggest mistake web designers make is losing the CTA in the midst of too much content. The CTA should be the focus of the entire page so that a visitor can read the CTA and click without having to scroll or even look at anything else.

Make It Visible

Keep your CTA above the fold. In other words, don’t make a user scroll down to see the submit button. You can have more content on the page, and if someone wants to read it, he will be willing to scroll to learn more. The focus above the fold needs to be the CTA.

Make Sure the Link Works

There’s nothing worse than a CTA that would convert if only the button worked. Whether it’s a submit button or a link to other content on the site, check that link multiple times to ensure that it is correct. Nothing says “unprofessional” like a broken link or a link that goes to the wrong place.

Optimize for Mobile

More than half of Internet users are on a smartphone or tablet. Make sure the CTA is just as inviting on the small screen. That means readable fonts and formatting that doesn’t place the CTA below the fold on smaller devices.

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