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The Inside Story of How We Helped Llama Yama Yoga’s Branding

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Ashley D-Llama Yama Yoga

10com Web Development loves working with clients of all sizes. Ashley of Llama Yama Yoga came to us in 2020 with a fun project to help her establish a brand identity and logo and set up her website.

Llama Yama Yoga was founded by Ashley and her mother in 2020. They offer in-person and online yoga training in the Lake Havasu area.

How We Helped Llama Yama Yoga

Ashely and her mom wanted a fun logo, something that would be inviting to both current and future students. Our 10com Web Development team spent time consulting with Ashley and her mom to learn more about their vision.

A New Logo Design Is Born

10com Web Development was thrilled to design Larry the Llama, an adorable, yoga-practicing llama mascot. Larry the Llama gives off a fun vibe while also creating a sense of brand awareness.

Web Design Services

We also helped Llama Yama Yoga with customized Wix web design. We created a user-friendly website that the team could use to keep in touch with their customers. Users can easily log in to the Llama Yama Yoga site to follow class schedules or sign up for teacher training.

We continue to manage the Llama Yama Yoga website, ensuring that it’s up and running for each and every customer. In addition, we handle all site updates so that Ashley D. and the rest of the Llama Yama Yoga team can focus on bringing peace to their students' lives.

Search Engine Optimization (Page One Results!)

10com Web Development knows how vital a web presence is for any new business, regardless of a company’s size. One of the most essential steps to a flourishing online brand is developing and implementing a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, which we did with Llama Yama Yoga.

Since researching and identifying the best keywords, Llama Yama Yoga has appeared in multiple first-page searches for keywords like “Yoga Lake Havasu” and “Yoga Studio Lake Havasu.”

Our concerted SEO strategy has secured Llama Yama Yoga’s online presence. Now, Llama Yama Yoga is seen by local-area customers actively searching for a new place to take yoga.

So, it’s a win-win for Llama Yama and clientele looking for a new yoga place!

Ongoing Support for All Businesses

10com Web Development may be a high-volume agency, but that doesn’t stop us from giving every client the full attention and dedication they deserve. We aim to create a trusting, productive, and long-term relationship with every customer. That means you’ll frequently get communication with our leadership team too!

Our team has worked closely with Ashley of Llama Yama Yoga for the past two years, ensuring that we perfect her vision and meet her goals. We value long client relationships like the one we enjoy with Llama Yama Yoga because it allows us to truly get to know your inspiration and goals.

We also get to share in our client's successes as they reach the top page of Google search results and significantly increase their customer base.

If you’re looking to replicate the success and inner peace of Llama Yama Yoga, contact the 10com team for a quote today! We’re ready to bring your brand vision to a perfectly creative reality!


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