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Client Success Stories- Meet Derick Sebastian

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

10com Reviews-Meet Derick Sebastian

If you visit the beautiful island of Maui, you’ll be surrounded by the relaxing tunes of Derick Sebastian. Even if you don’t make it to Hawaii, chances are you have heard the soothing sounds of Derick Sebastian on TV. Sounds of Sebastian is responsible for much of the ukulele music and sounds on TV, film, media, and advertisements.

10com was fortunate enough to meet the inspiring Derick Sebastian in 2014 when he reached out to us to help with his online presence. His dedication to his music career made it difficult for him to focus on having an online presence.

Ever since Derick Sebastian has been an inspiration to us all. With performances on stage with Jason Mraz and his music appearing in PIXAR movies and Grey’s Anatomy, he needed a way for people to search and learn more about him online.

Comprehensive Web Design That Covers His Many Services

Derick Sebastian wanted a place to not only show off his talents but one that he could use to share his services with others. He loves the many applications of ukulele music. He performs for media advertisements some days, and on other days, you can find him celebrating love with a performance at a wedding. (Some days even officiating!)

Derick Sebastian also shares his passion for music with students. When he’s not songwriting or performing, he’s teaching private ukulele lessons.

Designing a website that displays each of these prominent parts of Derick Sebastian’s career wasn’t easy. Wix has a lot of cool built-in futures for musicians. But, not everyone wants to spend their time learning or integrating these features. That’s where 10com comes in.

At 10com, we wanted to create a website that captured who Derick Sebastian is while also showing his deep passion for Hawaiian-inspired music.

10com understands the unique requirements of a musician’s website. As a musician, Derick Sebastian is not just selling a product or service; he is also selling his personality. We needed a website that exuded his carefree passionate level of professionalism, and that’s what we did for him. The website design was just the beginning of a long professional relationship.

Wix Website Support

After working together to design a user-friendly musician website, 10com shifted our focus to Wix website support. We continue to provide ongoing support for Derick’s Website. Of course, we also frequently work with him on Wix website design projects as they come up. In addition, we help him by managing his music catalog and frequently updating it with his new projects. This gives Derick Sebastian the time he needs and wants to focus on his love of music.

Ongoing Small Business Support

10com values each of our clients, small and big. We love celebrating the wins of our clients, especially Derick Sebastian. We enjoy being a part of a brand that’s adventurous, happy, uplifting, and reflective. Our ability to manage his online presence, paired with his love of music, is the perfect fit.

He continues to be an inspiration to our team, and we’ve valued the opportunity to work with him on several projects over the years of his professional career.

Ready to start your unique journey with 10com? Whether you need help with creating an online presence, building a website, or managing your existing website, we have a team that will work with you every step of the way.

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