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A Logo to Remember: What Goes Into Outstanding Logo Design?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Whether you are a new business owner or are thinking about creating your own brand, you should always know what goes into a unique logo design. A business logo design is crucial, even though these can be intimidating to create on your own.

A logo is a must-have for every business because it is the cornerstone of a powerful brand. You want your brand logo design to tell customers who you are and why you can fulfill their needs.

Your logo will then go on all your company materials, like business cards, presentation decks, letterheads, and much more. Here are tips on how to design a logo and why you should consult a creative expert to do the heavy lifting.

Why a Good Logo Design Matters?

The best brand logo design should be timeless. Your logo should be one of the most eye-catching features of your business if you want it to be memorable. This will ensure that customers never forget your brand.

They will also feel connected to your brand and will want to invest and support you. Logos enhance your brand’s vibe, which is how you want to make people feel. Do you want your logo to make people smile?

Think about the warm and fuzzy feeling people get when they see a Starbucks logo. Depending on the type of business you want to conduct, your logo should reflect your brand’s message. For instance, if you run a yoga studio, you want the logo to make clients feel calm and rested.

If your business plans and hosts weddings or birthday parties, you want your logo to seem fun and exciting. Financial institutions and law firms should always have respectable and trustworthy logo design ideas to ensure their customers feel that vibe from the brand.

When you think about the feeling you want your brand to translate, it becomes easier to know how to design a logo. The best thing to do is spend a few minutes writing down a few phrases or words to describe your brand and go from there.

How to Design a Logo?

Your logo will be a powerful visual representation of your brand and everything it represents. This is what you need to tell people and make them believe.

Include Pictures

Some of the best logos in the world have a picture instead of words. This is to show customers what the brand is all about with a simple icon that communicates all the company’s values. This picture becomes stuck in people’s minds and makes it easier to remember.

For instance, think about the most popular brands you love and how their logos appear. You may notice the iconic Dunkin Donuts coffee cup logo to exude warmth.

Alternatively, you can also pair pictures and words together in a logo, like Burger King does, where the brand name is sandwiched between burger buns.

Use Empty Space

Having blank and empty spaces around your custom logo design is not a bad idea. This way, you can keep your logo design neat and tidy and ensure that people can read or see it from a distance.

By having plenty of blank space, you can maintain a cleaner design that will make people feel calm. When you are searching for logo design ideas, always think about minimalism. You do not need too many symbols or colors to create an excellent business logo.

Blank spaces will also come in handy when you sit down to design all your printed t-shirts, posters, and brochures. A less-cluttered logo will fit in more seamlessly into various designs and formats, especially for all your marketing materials.

Incorporate Shapes

Shapes are an excellent addition to make your custom logo design stand out from the competition. For instance, the logo for your lawyer or doctor’s office will most likely have a “boxed in” design.

This makes them look more professional on all their pens, lanyards, letterheads, and other merchandise. The best way to achieve the most professional look is by putting your brand name in boxes or rectangles.

Picture Your Brand Logo Design

If you have a brand logo design in mind, you should always picture it on different items. It is best to have a sketch in front of you and try to imagine the logo on a coffee mug or a pen.

Thinking about your logo’s intended uses is a surefire way to choose the perfect design. Grab a t-shirt or a business card-sized blank piece of paper and envision your logo printed on it. Does it look good enough to make you feel proud?

Choosing Colors

Not all colors are equal. Some look better on logos, while others may appear dull and uninteresting. Coca-Cola uses its iconic red and white colors because these grab people’s attention compared to dark brown or gray. Black and white can also be too harsh on a person’s eyes.

If you want to create some Zen, you want to use different shades of the same color and create subtle contrasts into your custom logo design. For instance, different shades of pink can have the most calming effect. This is why spas and hairdressers love using pink.

Be Direct

Sometimes, it helps to be literal with your business logo design. If you own a lighting company, you can use a lit light bulb as your logo. Many logo design ideas can be that easy.

This is why Burger King uses burger buns, and McDonald’s has the golden arches that say “M.” You should never be afraid to lean into the obvious. Even Apple’s logo is an apple with a bite taken out of it.

Having a relatively easy and obvious logo does not mean that your brand will be forgotten.

Design the Best Logo

When you are ready for your first logo design, think about how authoritative it is. Does it demand a level of seriousness and professionalism? Or do you run a candy shop that can get away with a fun and colorful logo?

Your brand logo design should help people trust your company and put their trust in your products or services. To find your perfect logo, contact us today, and we can grab our design tools to give your brand the attention it deserves.


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