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8 Amazing Stock Photo Sites for Graphic Designers in 2022 (Paid + Free)

8 Amazing Stock Photo Sites for Graphic Designers in 2022

We live in a digital era where visual content sells the most. Regardless of your platform, images not just make the web pages look attractive but also improve their ranking on search engines. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to obtain pictures. You can take personal photos from your phone/camera or get them from stock photo websites.

This article will discuss fantastic stock photo sites for graphic designers in 2022 that can grab the audience's attention in no time. We will cover paid and free stock websites so you can find something to fit your unique requirements along with your budget.

Paid Stock Photos

If you have a flexible budget without any concerns, opt for paid stock photo websites to receive ultimate benefits. These images add value to your graphic design portfolio. They also eliminate the stress of copyright and licensing.

Let’s discuss some top-rated paid sites.

1. Deposit Photos


DepositPhotos is a royalty-free platform that lets you obtain stock photos, vectors, and editable videos. With such a diverse variety, you can find your desired content effortlessly. This site comes with settings to adjust image orientation, color, and size.

Why Choose Deposit Photos:

  • A vast collection of photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos.

  • You can also find free pictures in a limited amount.

  • It provides a suitable platform to add your personal photos and collection for other users.

  • The music and SFX feature helps you add background sounds to videos. There are also sound effects and recordings.

  • DepositPhotos has additional tools like background remover, picture editor, and image scaler to adjust according to your requirements.

  • It also has a regularly updated blog to stay in touch with the latest trends.

2. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a part of the software giant Adobe. Featured on multiple free sites, Adobe Stock gives you a complete platform for your graphic data requirements. Users can get curated photos, illustrations, vectors, 3D assets, and templates to awaken the creative graphic designer in themselves.

Why Choose Adobe Stock:

  • Adobe Stock features trending images from around the world.

  • It comes with plug-ins and Adobe app integration for seamless functionality.

  • Users can earn money by selling their photography and editorials on the website. It is free to upload content that falls under their criteria.

  • Adobe Stock has video templates that can be edited and combined with sound effects already present on the website.

  • Adobe software users can synchronize accounts with stock photo assets.

3. Shutterstock


Shutterstock is ranked as the most popular stock photo platform of all time. This is because it is one of the most diverse websites with various types of content. You can download royalty-free vectors, illustrations, videos, music, templates, and up-to-date editorials for your graphic design projects.

Why Choose Shutterstock:

  • Shutterstock offers ultimate discounts and deals for its users.

  • It showcases images and videos that follow the latest trends, so the designers have the most delinquent content for their web and social pages.

  • It has integrated online tools so you can edit, resize and scale your pictures to the requirements of your pages.

  • Shutterstock has introduced a new catalog feature with a free login. The user can access and manage the content in one place without worrying about data loss. This is an excellent tool to free up some space in your system.

4. Stockphotos


With over 7 million active users, Stockphotos is a popular and evergreen website to obtain desired images. They have a simple interface that allows users to navigate with ease. Integrated with multiple top-tier stock image platforms, it is one of the best and most affordable sites.

Why Choose Stockphotos:

  • Stockphotos is integrated with a fantastic AI image upscaler that can convert the image according to your required resolution.

  • It provides users with discounts and deals from multiple platforms like Shutterstock.

  • This website is also linked to Canva Pro, the best-rated image editing tool.