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5 Things Every Business Owner Needs on a Website

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

5 Things Every Business Owner Needs on a Website

If you are a business owner, you probably recognize the need for an online presence. You may, however, be unsure as to what you need to have on the site, especially if you provide a service or product that cannot be directly purchased online. Here are 5 things that you need on your website in order to ensure that you get the most benefit from it.

  1. A Clear CTA – CTA stands for Call-to-action. In other words, you need to tell your website visitor what to do next. Let them know that you want them to come to your store, call for more information, or set up an appointment online. Other important CTAs include encouraging viewers to follow your social media accounts, sign up for a newsletter, or comment on your blog posts.

  2. Provide Your Phone Number – If you want people to call you, the phone number needs to be prominent on your site. Don’t just put it on the contact page, as some users may not find it there. You want the phone number on your homepage and also as a part of your CTA. For example, “For more information, call us at 847-466-1006!”

  3. Provide Hours of Operation – If you want people to show up at your business, you don’t want them to be disappointed if the doors are locked and the lights are out. You probably won’t get a second chance. You really want to have this information on every page too, even if it is in the footer.

  4. About Us – The About Us page tells your potential customer about why they should choose your business over a competitor’s. This is not something to leave out as it adds professionalism to your page and builds trust in your brand. And speaking of brand…

  5. Branding – Make sure your website matches the rest of your branding. You should have the same logo and color scheme as everything else your business produces. If your business card is bright blue and someone types in the URL to find a site that is predominantly green, he might think he went to the wrong site by mistake. Plus, consistency builds trust in your brand.

By implementing these 5 simple business website tips, you can ensure that customers who find your website will get the information they need to contact your business and will have an experience that increases the likelihood of that contact.

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