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How Professional Website Copy Helps Achieve Digital Presence Goals

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

A website is a must for every business owner. Whether your business operates online or is primarily a brick-and-mortar store, your website may be a consumer's first contact point or where they turn for more information about your brand before making a purchase. Professional website copy can help you to achieve your digital presence goals.

What Is Website Content?

For the sake of this article, when we say content, we are referring to written content (copy) that appears on a website. There are other marketing materials, such as images and videos. These are essential. However, website copy is your foundation for success.

Isn’t Visual Content More Important?

People are visual creatures. That’s true. However, humans like to be guided. Website copy can do things that visual content can’t, such as

· Make your site searchable – Google scans site content to see what your page is about so you appear in the right search results.

· Enable conversions – Websites exist for different reasons, so you need to tell consumers what action you want them to take.

· Engage consumers – Content attracts the attention of consumers and shows them your brand is an authority.

· Drive sales – Well-written website copy is like having a salesperson working for you 24/7, guiding consumers to buy your product or service.

Debunking Website Content Myths

Here are a few misconceptions about web copy along with the reality.

MYTH: I don’t need content.

REALITY: Every website requires content if you want the site to attain the goals of reaching your target audience, increasing engagement, and creating conversions.

MYTH: It’s better if I just write it myself.

REALITY: A professional copywriter is trained and experienced in how to catch the attention of consumers, engage with them in a meaningful way, and drive sales, all while creating content that is easy for search engines to discover.

MYTH: AI is going to replace copywriters. I’ll just use AI to write my content.

REALITY: Not only is AI content often easily recognizable, but it also doesn’t reach the primary goals of site copy. Additionally, AI content could potentially contain inaccurate information that harms your company’s reputation or even leads to legal issues.

MYTH: Any content writer will do.

REALITY: Not all content writers are created equal! That’s why 10com uses highly experienced writers who produce top-quality content.

What You Should Know About Our Firm’s Writers

10com Web Development provides the finest website copy by employing top-quality content creators. When you partner with our firm for your content, you receive the following

· A highly experienced content writer

· High volume capabilities so you don’t have to wait forever to get started

· Handcrafted content – our writers don’t use AI

· Senior-level writers (our lead writer has over a decade of experience and has written more than 5 million words of content)

When Should You Have the Content Written?

We recommend having the web content written first and then proceeding to structure the website. We believe this is essential for several reasons:

· You need CTAs (Calls to Action) written first so the page can direct the visitor’s eye to the objective.

· A web designer can create a site that frames your content to make a bigger impact on the viewer.

· Written content lays the groundwork for SEO, which can then be hard-coded into the website.

Essential Reasons to Hire Our Content Writers

We’ve already addressed the importance of hiring professional content writers versus writing your own content, but here is a quick breakdown of the essential reasons:

· SEO – Our content writers are trained to write engaging content that also catches the attention of search engines.

· Brand perception – Readers can tell the difference between professional writing and a business that decides to create its own content.

· Conversions – Professional web copy is like a salesperson who is always working for your business (but you only have to pay once instead of a salary).

· Time savings – You save a lot of time by having the content written first and by working with a professional.

· Make a first impression – Your content needs to make an impact on someone who finds your site for the first time. You only get one chance at this.

The visual experience of your website is vital for drawing in a viewer instantly, but it is your content that will build value, set expectations, and get your audience to take action.

What If I Already Purchase a Website Package?

It’s not too late! Let’s add a content package to your website and provide you with the maximum benefits of our services.

· Be detailed when filling out the creative brief – This gives our writers the information they need to craft professional site content that meets your needs.

· Explain what you do – Don’t assume our content writers have ever written for a business like yours before (even though they probably have).

· Tells us what makes your company unique – We want your brand to stand out, and that means understanding what sets you apart from the competition.

What If I Really Want to Write My Own Content?

Focus the content on four pages (unless we’ve arranged a different layout for your site):

· About

· Services

· Contact

On the Homepage, start with a quick “elevator pitch” and then write three brief sections introducing the other website pages. Be sure to introduce a section for testimonials/reviews.

For the About page, go deep into your company’s history, mission, and qualifications. You may also want a “meet the team” section.

The Services page should provide a full list of your company’s services with a description of each.

On the Contact page, you can provide a couple of lines of content encouraging the site visitor to submit the content form as well as the field for the information you want to collect.

Remember that we can’t start the site until the content is completed. If you are struggling, you can look at competitor sites for ideas, but be careful not to plagiarize. If you change your mind, feel free to reach out to us for content creation.

Thank You for Choosing 10com!

Thanks again for choosing 10com Web Development. We hope this article has helped you to understand the importance of stellar web copy. We look forward to providing you with everything you need to meet your brand’s digital presence goals!


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