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Discover Wix Website Design [27 Stunning Live Site Examples]

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Discover Wix Website Design [27 Stunning Live Site Examples]

Nowadays, having a website is a must.

According to a Stanford report, over 75% of customers judge a business by its web presence. Additionally, web presence is crucial to any brand or content creator’s success.

But creating a functional, aesthetically appealing website takes a lot of work. Many professionals simply don’t know where to start.

The Wix website builder makes it easy to optimize your site for high traffic, encouraging visitors to engage with your content. Use this guide to the best Wix website designs, complete with 27 examples for 2022, to develop and design your high-quality Wix website for your business or personal use.

What is Wix?

Wix is a cloud-based software development service that allows users to create fully functional and visually compelling professional websites.

As of August 2022, Wix powers over 7 million websites globally and remains the most popular website builder and host in the industry.

With its drag-and-drop website builder, website layouts created by professional web designers, and capacity for highlighting visual content, Wix is the best web host and creator on the market.

Additionally, Wix optimizes websites for plug-ins, integrations, and other valuable customization tools.

What Are the Advantages of Using Wix for Website Design?

There are several significant benefits to using Wix for your website design and development.

Easy Onboarding: Wix launched the low-code, no-code web creation movement, making building a website easy for those with little experience—perfect for beginners.

Optimized for Web Visibility and High Traffic: Wix uses state-of-the-art SEO technology and market analyses to ensure that your website encourages visitors to engage with your content—and purchase your products. For best results, keep track of when your posts were last updated.

Flexible, Adaptive, and Customizable: Wix powers websites across many industries, including e-Commerce, product sales, digital and live service, and more. With Wix, you can create a branded website that caters to your target audience.

25 Stunning Sites Built Using Wix Website Design

Wix websites are among the most popular because they boast compelling content and stunning media, offer a friendly user experience, and deliver high traffic without much effort.

Use the examples below to guide your Wix website design.

Best Homepage

Your website’s homepage is typically the first thing users will see when they click on your web address—and it’s the first element of your website you will create.

Use the following examples to inform your homepage design for the best results.

Animal Music is a music composition company that offers customized products for customers.

Their homepage immediately catches the eye with high-quality media content and a carousel of compelling videos.

Adding multi-media content to your website’s homepage is an excellent strategy for harnessing the interest of your users and advertising your product or service.

Simply record your video and add it in a high-traffic location for a media-rich user experience.

If you add video content to your homepage, ensure that other elements of your site, such as your navigation tools and social media links, are simple and accessible.

This professional homepage design prioritizes conversions by featuring a call-to-action button front and center.

Additionally, Mane uses compelling imagery to prompt users to book an appointment immediately, and this website uses the easy Wix scheduling tool to ensure a smooth conversion.

Your website is ultimately a location for conversions, and many customers will immediately come to you looking for services. Make your scheduler accessible on your homepage to make things easy for your clients and you—and check it to ensure it works.

This graphic design website boasts a homepage loaded with compelling imagery and accessible content.

Mariela uses a parallax scrolling effect to highlight her products and embellishes her website with branded colors to keep her users interested. With minimalistic animations and intricate geometrics, this homepage design will promote user interaction and engagement.

If your content speaks for itself, keep your homepage minimal and prioritize featuring your designs. Use Wix’s easy-to-use scrolling effects to keep things fresh and exciting.

Best User Experience

Ensure that your website stays accessible and navigable like the ones displayed below.

Lirona is a design director and illustrator, and her Wix website boasts one of the most user-friendly designs on this list.

Lirona’s website layout emphasizes her art without detracting from navigability. Each sub-page has a similar structure to the homepage, ensuring a consistent user experience.

Lirona uses fixed headers and humorous typography for a casual and accessible look and feel.

To adopt a similar design, place your content and messaging in a prominent location, tailoring your website to ensure user consistency. Use fixed headers and footers to display the content that matters most—and keep it light and fun.

Studio & More is a landing page for Tel Aviv’s OFF design conference.

With a homepage centered around multi-media content, a precise navigation bar, and branding throughout, this website prioritizes accessibility and engagement.

Clear branding is integral to a tailored user experience, as it reminds your customers of your company’s purpose and mission.

Choose consistent colors, typography, and visual content to maintain a branded feel across each page of your Wix website.

To ensure navigability, you must optimize your website design for mobile access.

This ceramics company offers a simple, minimalistic, neutral-toned homepage design that is easy to maneuver.

Additionally, this homepage prominently features product categories to ensure ease of access.

Lastly, the creator makes her Instagram and Facebook information readily available, allowing customers to engage with her across diverse platforms.

Most importantly, the website is easy to access from a mobile device.

Use the Wix Mobile Editor at the top of your web builder to ensure easy mobile access.

Best Online Stores and eCommerce Sites

eCommerce continues to gain popularity as customers turn to online locations to purchase everything from groceries to gifts.

Thankfully, Wix optimizes eCommerce features to ensure smooth sales, tracking, and more.

This candle maker offers a colorful website with eye-catching colors and animated elements sure to attract a customer’s attention.

But the most compelling aspects of this Wix website are its branded design and customer loyalty features. Coal and Canary’s site features multiple subscription forms and calls to action to prompt users to purchase products.

Additionally, with Wix’s promotional features, Coal and Canary has enabled a loyalty program, a VIP email list, and an eco-friendly return program that encourages visitors to keep buying.

In eCommerce, many of your sales will come from loyal return customers, so it’s crucial to reward them accordingly.

This clothing designer uses the best of what the Wix website builder offers to emphasize her colorful designs and encourage sales.

A bright, branded pop-up encourages visitors to subscribe and earn a 10% discount on their first purchase, efficiently driving conversions.

Additionally, Celia B offers several promotions and discounts for qualified customers and sorts designs by clothing type and popularity.

For best results, use Wix’s email marketing integrations to consistently communicate with your customers and drive conversions like Celia B!

eCommerce can be tricky since customers increasingly steer clear of solely profit-driven companies and seek to invest in conscious, civic-oriented brands.

The Spice Suite is a black-owned business that partners with others to ensure equity in eCommerce and beyond—and their commitment to the cause is apparent across their website.

This brand’s identity hinges on promoting black creators, and a stunning layout and professional web design only serve to bolster its credibility.

If you run an eCommerce shop, ensure that your passion is evident throughout your design. Use branded imagery and choose a non-profit or cause to support, so your customers can feel good about buying from you.

Best Examples of Imagery

The visual content of your website highlights your work and promotes your brand identity. Remember to prioritize consistency and creativity, and use Wix’s many content options to diversify your website’s imagery.

Daniel Aristizabal is a successful graphic designer with a colorful, eye-catching website that boasts animations, multi-media content, and a retro design.

Embellished with video boxes, parallax scrolling, and an interactive zooming feature, Aristizabal’s website maintains user engagement across each page.

His website is an excellent portfolio of every visual content option that Wix offers, and you can draw from his coordinated use of color and shape to create your stunning design.

A simple navigation tool ensures that users can find answers to every question with little effort and maximizes the emphasis on design.

This up-and-coming photographer keeps things minimalistic and accessible with colorful pictures set against a white background.

While content creators often overload their websites with imagery and media, this creator maintains interest while preserving simplicity and a user-friendly experience.

If you are a content creator or designer, emphasize your art by choosing high-quality photographs and keeping the rest of your content simple. This ensures that users will maintain focus on what matters: your product or services.

Favicons, short for “favorite icons,” are stunning images and icons that capture your brand identity and simplify your website without sacrificing aesthetic content.

Wix’s icon creator allows you to generate favicons using branded images and colors to enhance your web presence without breaking the bank.

Ilaria Bonardi’s website uses a simple, three-dot favicon to capture the minimalism of her designs, and a unique duck favicon captures her brand identity clearly and effectively.

Favicons can be static or animated images and enhance your website’s visual appeal without overwhelming users.

Best Website Layout

Your website layout is an essential component of web design and ensures that your content is appropriately displayed without sacrificing accessibility and comprehension.

The websites below feature some of the best Wix layout templates to highlight their creations and products.

This coffee shop uses a split-screen product-optimizing layout to display its goodies without sacrificing navigability.

Wix offers hundreds of layout templates, but a split-screen layout works for most businesses and brands because it prioritizes visual elements and ensures that users can quickly find answers to their questions.

Additionally, this website features a drop-down navigation menu that empowers users to purchase in a few clicks, driving conversions and boosting revenue.

Valeria Monis creates stunning, intricate ceramics, and her full-page layout works to emphasize her designs without overwhelming website visitors.

The site features two-toned colors and a centered navigation bar to ensure ease of access, and its full-screen visual imagery keeps users focused on Monis’ products.

When it comes to web design, simplicity is critical. Consider using a similar layout if you are an artist, content creator, or eCommerce vendor.

Adam Grant is a bestselling author and TED speaker, and his website ensures that this information is readily available and featured front and center.

The navigation menu appears split-screen with a header that includes a concise description of Grant’s work.

Your Wix website design should leave no visitor wondering and should highlight your mission and purpose to encourage brand loyalty.

Like Grant, consider including a subscription call-to-action on every page to remind visitors to join his mailing list and initiate the marketing cycle.

Each page should have a footer with easy access to your Instagram links and Facebook pages.

Best Blog Design

Wix is an ideal website builder for personal and business blogs.

If you have a blog—or are considering starting one—use Wix to organize and structure your content for readability and aesthetic value.

All the Food is a Dublin-based food blog encouraging traveling foodies to explore various locations across the Irish capital.

This website proves that minimalism isn’t a requirement for organizations. With its collage of visual elements and structured media boxes, this blog welcomes users to a world of possibility. An easy navigation bar ensures users can explore blog posts by content type to find what they need.

Although this is a multi-page website, the homepage offers short blurbs and links to encourage visitors to learn about various topics. All the Food proves that overloading content works—as long as it's organized.

This team of bloggers has successfully created a branded blog within a particular niche—and still manages to earn income through the blog.

This Zion-based travel blog features high-quality visual content that highlights the beauty of the natural landscape and develops a robust brand identity.

The blog’s design features branded, nature-evoking colors that speak to its content, and a pop-up encourages users to sign up for newsletters and marketing emails immediately.

For best results, use a simple, navigable blog layout that displays each blog post’s content, prompting readers to keep exploring your site.

The best blogs meld personal and branded content to humanize creators and welcome visitors into the fold.

Estie’s blog recounts her adventures in interior design and renovation. A prominently displayed carousel of high-quality images compels users to keep clicking, and a built-in shop ensures that Estie earns income from her ventures.

This blog’s neutral color scheme and consistent, comforting look and feel make users feel right at home, which speaks to Estie’s purpose in creating her Wix website.

Your blog’s design should reflect its content and highlight your identity as a writer and influencer.

Best Typography Use

Typography refers to the text content of your website.

Creating digestible, attractive, and high-quality copy challenges many users. Still, with the examples below, you are sure to draft typography that will inspire your customers to stay—and pay.

This holistic health company boasts an excellent homepage loaded with engaging infographics, compelling visuals, and high-quality typography.

The short blurb at the top of the homepage captures the user’s attention with catchy, alliterative phrases and a powerful call to action.

As you scroll, you will find entertaining infographics explaining the benefits of CBD products and short, easy-to-read paragraphs promoting each item.

Use engaging metaphors, strong action verbs, and infographics to keep things interesting.

Sergio Aguero is a world-famous soccer player, and though he presumably is not a professional writer, his website’s typography suggests otherwise.

Sergio’s homepage features a compelling and inspiring quote, and his biography arranges key milestones into a unique timeline structure to prioritize readability.

This website uses the Helvetica Neue, popular among successful Wix websites, and costs an additional $35.

Consider putting time and effort into selecting your font and typography style, as it encourages visitors to read your content.

This performing arts organization has one of the most unique and visually stimulating websites on the Wix platform.

With the free Lobster font, Le Tigre has curated an antique, circus-like feel, displaying powerful keywords that speak to the brand’s identity.

Keywords can dramatically improve your SEO, and driving web visibility across search engines is the key to boosting traffic—and sales.

Consider using one of Wix’s free fonts and researching high-traffic keywords to ensure engagement.

Best Use of Animation

Animated elements are an excellent way to engage your users. With Wix, creating and launching animations is easy. Simply click the animation tool in the Wix website editor to get started, and use the following examples to inspire your animation designs.

Wendy Ju’s graphic design website features animations across the board.

Her homepage animation is minimalistic yet eye-catching, and interactive animations across her website’s pages ensure that users remain engaged and interested.

Drip headlines ensure that users peruse content in the correct order and access content when it becomes relevant.

To design animations like Wendy’s, keep your animated elements simple yet interactive. Use drip animations to maintain engagement across your platform.

This solar energy company boasts a gorgeous homepage with high-quality images and interactive animations.

A rotating carousel of visual content captivates users, and compelling infographics communicate the value of this company’s products and services. Users can hover over different keywords to expand blurbs and learn more about the company.

Simple animations are easy to install with Wix’s website builder, and they can contribute to your SEO and web visibility by encouraging users to engage with your content.

Rafael Varona is an illustrator and animator with a stunning Wix website.

His animations communicate his brand identity without the need for text, so users immediately understand his website's purpose.

Additionally, his use of interchanging static and dynamic elements ensures that viewers keep watching and engaging, and favicons improve the aesthetic quality of his content.

Learn to optimize your site by introducing relevant, varied animated and static details, and remember to optimize for mobile access.

Best Website Menu

Your website menu allows users to navigate your site and search for relevant content. Wix offers many high-quality navigation menu choices so you can choose from plenty of options.

Yang’s Place is an Australian bakery with a fully branded website that boasts a fixed menu in the header of each page.

The menu boasts the company’s logo and functions across different browsers to ensure easy access. Additionally, it is available as a hamburger menu (which opens into a fullscreen) and a geometric layout menu.

Offering multiple menu options improves user experience and gives your customers more choices as they navigate your site.

Always check mobile access to ensure your interactive menus function across all browser types.

Ruby Love’s period protection clothing and undergarments cater to women worldwide. Love has optimized her website to facilitate browsing and provide easy answers to customers’ questions, with a dropdown menu that unfurls into sub-menus for each clothing type.

If you own an eCommerce store, you should prioritize an organization, as customers can easily find the item they want to purchase.

Your dropdown menu should provide ample information organized comprehensively and offer several browsing options.

This graphic designer’s website is replete with a lot of high-quality visual content and animations, encouraging visitors to engage with her range and maximize time on her site.

Liou couples minimalism with colorful and detailed designs to set the focus on her art, and her navigation menu is unique in its simplicity and aesthetic appeal.

Liou’s colorful menu icons animate and come to life at the touch of a cursor, and her hand-drawn designs advertise important locations across her site.

The best way to keep customers engaged is to include a functional yet workable website menu—and Wix’s options allow you to have strip menus, hamburger menus, drop-down menus, and more.

Are Website Design and Web Development the Same Thing?

While website design and development are complementary aspects of building an online presence, the two have several crucial differences.

Web development generally refers to the behind-the-scenes programming that enables a website to function. In contrast, website design refers to the user-facing elements that contribute to a site’s aesthetic value and brand identity.

Although these terms refer to two disciplines, web builders like Wix allow beginners and advanced users to customize both elements easily.

Wix also offers customized web design and development services, so you can enlist support from a professional web designer to enhance the quality of your business or personal website.

What Are the Most Essential Visual Elements of Website Design?

There are many crucial elements of website design; understanding each will make things easier for you as you begin working with Wix.

Header: Headers are typographical and visual elements at the top of your web pages and provide relevant information, such as social media details or calls to action. Some headers allow you to include ads and monetize your site.

Footer: A footer is a section located under the main body of your website that offers relevant information and working links to other pages or sites. Some footers include ads—an easy way to monetize your website.

Color Scheme: With Wix, you can choose your website’s colors. Consider sticking to branded colors to improve the look and feel of your site.

Site Background: Your background will underlie the main body of text and visual content on your site.

Imagery: Imagery refers to the visual content that appears across your website, from static images to videos and animations.

Typography: Typography is the text that appears across your site. Keep things straightforward with website copy so all customers can understand your mission and purpose.

Animation: Animations are moving images and graphic designs. The best animations are interactive, allowing users to engage and exercise choice in navigating your site.

Final Thoughts

You can begin customizing your website with the above websites as your inspiration.

With so many design choices and layout options, you will surely design a website that enhances your content and attracts visitors.

Hopefully, you have found sufficient information in this article to get started, but if you are a beginner or remain uncertain about your design choices, consider enlisting the support of a professional web designer with Wix’s 10com web development and design services.


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