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Why Use Parallax Scrolling on Your Website

Every year, innovations are made in web development that really improve design while also creating a better user experience. One innovation that is available right now that catches the attention of site visitors and really screams cutting edge is parallax scrolling. Let’s take a closer look at what parallax scrolling is and why you want it on your site.

What Is Parallax Scrolling?

When a site uses this design method, the basic idea is that the background and foreground scroll at different speeds. This adds dimension to the website. Users are enticed by the effects that occur as the site is scrolled at different speeds. But is this just a gimmick? Why is parallax scrolling so popular right now?

More than Just a Fad

There are plenty of web design ideas that are nothing more than a passing fancy. However, parallax actually adds benefit to your site. Consider the following:

  • Users want to be immersed in an experience. Creating depth on the site does this for your users.

  • It improves SEO and customer relationships. How? By creating a pleasing user environment, parallax scrolling keeps a person on the site longer. This leads to the site being considered more engaging by search engines. It also builds a deeper connection between the user and the brand.

  • Parallax scrolling provides a superior experience. Users are tired of clicking on websites. They just want to scroll. This type of web design caters to that desire of many Internet users.

  • It gives your site a modern appeal. This is especially important for sites that are trying to connect with a younger audience. It is also important for small brands that want to compete with bigger companies.

  • Let’s just say it—Parallax is pretty. Everyone likes attractive things. This is a way to make your site more appealing to every single visitor.

Types of Parallax Scrolling

That having been said, you don’t want your site to look like every other one out there. That makes this a great trend because it gives you so many options. For example, you can have the scrolling effect provide a surprising reveal for a consumer as something in the background or foreground shifts.

How else can you utilize parallax scrolling? Another great way to use this feature is to have the page zoom in or out as a person scrolls. You can have foreground images fade in as the background scrolls away. Or you could go with a more classing style and have things like text in the foreground scroll at a different speed from background images.

However you choose to use parallax scrolling, one thing is for sure—your site visitors are going to take notice.

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