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Small Business Website—Big Business Style

You company may be starting out small, but why should Fortune 500 companies have a nicer website that you? When a person sees your website for the first time, he should wonder why he hasn’t heard of your brand before simply due to how big the design makes your company seem. Here are a few ways to achieve that goal.

Cutting-Edge Techniques

Corporations are always keeping their sites up-to-date with the latest in features and tools. To that end, you want to know what is hot right now. Don’t just go for something gimmicky. Real trends have value. For example, parallax scrolling provides a great user experience and immediately says that your company has its finger on the pulse of the Internet. Another example would be having one long page instead of multiple pages and using anchor menus to drop the user down to the correct part of the page.

Be Branding Oriented

The great brands became the great brands by being focused on branding. Have a well-designed logo, a specific palette of company colors, and a tone for your text. Then keep everything uniform from web design to packaging and blog content to social media updates. Consistency creates a coherent image of your brand in the mind of consumers.

Have a Mobile-Friendly Site

Mobile searches are actually more common than desktop searches today. Because of that, search engines like Google cater heavily to mobile-friendly sites. If you want to be visible, you have to be mobile. Plus, if a consumer finds your site on a mobile device, you don’t want him to run to your competitor because the site is tough to see or use on a phone or tablet.

Be Social

Big businesses realize the importance of interacting with customers on a social level. By selecting 1 or 2 social media platforms that are relevant to your audience and mastering them, you give the appearance of being a much bigger brand. Just be sure to keep things manageable so you don’t go from a post per day to one per month a few months down the road.

By applying some of the tactics above, you can compete with well-established and far larger brands online. That’s the beauty of the Internet. No one cares if there're just a few people behind that beautifully crafted site. Consumers see whatever foot you want to put forward. Make it the right one.

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