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3 Trends in Web Design You Should Avoid

We’re always talking about the latest trends in web design and how to implement them on your site, but the fact is that not every trend is a good thing. Today, we’re going to look at 3 web design trends that should have been left on the drawing board.

Complicated UX

It is more important than ever to keep website’s simple, and yet some designers are taking things to the opposite extreme. This is a disturbing trend because while the site may look pretty, a complicated design is the fastest way to increase your bounce rate. The more people who take one look at your website and decide to bounce, the lower you will rank on future searches.

The better way to add wow factor without complicating the site is to just use one quick, eye-catching technique rather than all of them. For example, you can have a background video that captures attention without distracting from what the site is about. Parallax scrolling is another nice effect that will actually improve UX.

Fonts that Can’t Be Read

This is another major issue for two reasons:

  1. If your site is tough to read, people will leave.

  2. A font that is tough to read on a desktop will be impossible to read on a mobile device.

Mobile-friendly websites are a must, and that includes the font that you use. Make sure that your site can be easily read and understood.

Frustrating Pop-Ups

The pop-up has its place, but all too many sites are forcing you to click out of pop-ups so often you can’t even enjoy the content. Be careful that pop-ups are adding to the user experience rather than taking away from it. How can this be done?

Instead of only using pop-ups to sell to a user or gather email addresses, trying providing special offers. Using a pop-up to offer a discount is a good way to make sure the user sticks around after the pop-up. Also, make sure the pop-up box is as professional looking as the rest of your site. Otherwise, the user may think it is the result of some kind of malware. Finally, don’t throw pop-ups in the user’s face over and over throughout the experience. If a new pop-up appears every time someone goes to another page on the site, you probably won’t get very many page views per session.

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