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5 Ways to Keep Your Website Looking Professional

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

5 Ways to Keep Your Website Looking Professional

Anyone can create a website using modern design tools, but if you want a professional site, there are a few things to keep in mind. Following these guidelines will keep your website from looking like you had your nephew develop it for you.

1. Clear the Clutter

You don’t want to stress site visitors by cramming too much onto each page. Proper use of white space is important. Minimalism is an important aspect of a professional website.

2. Creating Visual Hierarchy

You can’t leave your site visitors’ actions up to chance. Visual hierarchy is your opportunity to create the action you want. If you need more clicks on a button, place it as close to the top left of the screen as you can. Most people don’t scroll down, so avoid placing the conversion action off the bottom of the screen. The right colors and image also determine where a reader’s eye will travel first.

3. Use the Right Font

An easily readable font and font size will go a long way toward encouraging a site visitor to actually read your copy. Be sure the font color contrasts sufficiently with the background. Otherwise, the words will be lost. This happens most frequently when the background is one big image or video. It may be a good idea in such cases to create a box with a contrasting background color for your font to make it stand out. Don’t confuse a reader’s eyes by using too many different fonts.

4. Have a Great Mobile Site

If your site looks good on a desktop but is cluttered and difficult to navigate on a small screen, then only some of your site visitors are seeing it as professional. The mobile site needs to take advantage of the same elements.

5. Do Your Research

What do you think looks the most professional when you look at competing websites? Use these elements, and avoiding things that you find annoying. The average user will probably agree with you, so the more sites you use, the greater advantage you have. Notice we said ‘use’ and not ‘look at.’ A lot of sites look pretty, but the user experience immediately removes that professional feel. You want your site both to look and feel professional.

By implementing these 5 simple tips, you can have a website that proves to be more professional than those of your competitors, even competitors that are larger and have been around longer.

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