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Quick Tips for Stellar Web Design

Web design is a key element is keeping your bounce rate low and moving up the Google rankings quickly. Here are a few tips to immediately increase ease of site use and visitor engagement.

Use You Logo Well

There are few things to keep in mind about logos:

  • Quality – Always use a high-quality image of your logo, so it never appears pixelated.

  • Location – Keep your logo at the top left-hand corner of every page.

  • Link – Making your logo the link back to your homepage clears up the menu bar and makes it easier to navigate your website intuitively.

Have an Easy to Navigate Site

Making the logo a link back to the homepage is just one element of intuitive design. Your menu needs to be laid out so that visitors can easily find the content they want. No one should have to click through more than a couple of links to get to the right page. If someone has to work to find something on your site, he’ll go to an easier to navigate competitor site instead.

Use Whitespace Appropriately

This means keeping site clutter to a minimum. Get to the point quickly. Don’t fill every page from border to border with various types of content, ads, and bells and whistles. People need to be able to glance at your site and know what you are selling. It should be easy to find information on the site. Kerning should not be so crowded that text becomes a chore to read.

Use the Right Color Scheme

Various colors evoke different emotions for people. If you use these colors well, you can encourage visitors to have a good feeling about your site. This is just another part of user experience, and it can even drive sales.

There are plenty of tools available to help a person select matching, complementary, and contrasting colors. Just be sure that you don’t use a color scheme on the page that looks bad with your logo and other marketing materials. In fact, if you already have a logo, the rest of your colors will likely be based on that particular hue.

These are just a few ways to give a fast boost to user experience and thus improve the way your website performs. Web design is all about the user, so don’t sacrifice user experience for something that you or the designed thinks “looks good.” User experience is determined by the visitor, not the business owner.

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