Add an affiliate link to your or an 10com banner to your website. Drive in web design leads through online PPC marketing, email blasts, or current clientele soliciting



 Where do you recommend I put my affiliate links, my website or blog?


​We recommend that you put the links anywhere it is easiest for your visitors to view it. Commonly we see them placed on the Affiliates websites home page, on the navigation bar, or any other high-trafficked areas with great visibility. Try to place the links where they can be easily access by your visitors, they will be more likely to click a link if made convenient for them to do so. Our affiliate management software also provides easy to use tools to help you post the affiliate links across the social media forums you may belong to, with just the click of a button.


What is it I do if I don’t see my question listed here?


​Please do not hesitate to email one of our Representatives in the affiliate department, they would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Due to a high demand for our affiliate program, response time to email inquiries may take up-to 24 hours on weekdays, and up to 48 hours on weekends and holidays. Our Affiliate Department can be reached at


As an Affiliate, can I pass on discounts to clients I refer?​


Absolutely, once your affiliate application is approved, you will be provide with Affiliate codes containing discounts equal to your current memberships Tier. One of the codes provided to you after your affiliate application is approved, is a ‘client voucher code’ that has been established for your use, primarily for passing along discounts to your clients at your own discretion. The ‘client voucher code’ provided to you, contains a discount value of 10% off, this affiliate client voucher code can be applied to all products or services offered by 10com. It will be your sole responsibility to provide the voucher code to your clients, after which it will be your client’s responsibility to provide us with that voucher code prior to the making of any payments for products or services.


Please note, if your affiliate commission rate is 20% and your client uses a voucher code in order to receive a discount towards services or products being purchasing through 10com, the Affiliate’s commissions for that sale will be prorated in order to offset the discount applied to the project for the use of that voucher code.


What can I expect to earn as an Affiliate?


Only you hold the answer to that. We have Affiliates and WhiteLabel Partners that pull in monthly commissions ranging from several hundred dollars, to tens of thousands of dollars, it really is dependent on your dedication to the program.


How often will I get commission payouts?​


Commission payments will be disbursed within seventy two (72) hours of request. Affiliates can request up-to five (5) draw per month without having to pay any fees.


Any requests beyond the allotted five (5) per month, will require payment of a $39.95 Convenience Fee for each request thereafter.


10com can only issue commissions on cleared funds arising from sales referred to 10com through the affiliates tracking numbers.


How are my sales tracked?


​Please note your first commission is paid out after making a minimum of 3 sales. In order to get paid, you’ll need to send us an invoice through PayPal.


How do I track performance?​


The affiliate dashboard provides real time statistics, you’ll be able to access a multitude of real time data by simply logging on. The affiliate leads tracking system can be set up to provide you real time alerts, specific to information you want tracked. Affiliate account information can also be provided by 10com upon request.


How do I get my links and creative materials?


You will be supplied affiliate links and codes upon approval of your application via email.


What are the fees associated with becoming an Affiliate?


Any person or firm can join the program. However, we reserve the right to refuse anyone containing objectionable material, services, or products that include explicit language or content, or support for violent or discriminatory groups.


Who is eligible to become an 10com affiliate?


Any person or firm can join the program. However, we reserve the right to refuse anyone containing objectionable material, services, or products that include explicit language or content, or support for violent or discriminatory groups.


How long is a cookie/inquiry valid for?


A cookie expires after ninety (90) days. How can I become an 10com affiliate?​Simply complete the online application. Once you are approved, you’ll receive an email with an Affiliate link and a unique code, providing you access to our affiliate dashboard.


Can you be eligible for the Affiliate Program if you are outside the U.S.?


Most certainly! 10com has amassed, a considerably large team of Affiliates and/or WhiteLabel Reseller Partners from around the globe. We have yet to be presented with a situation we were unable to offer any of our services, to anyone, anywhere. 10com has an open door policy to anyone from anywhere that meets our minimum standard of acceptable business practice.


How do I find out if my website or blog qualify for your Affiliate Program?


90% of the applicants applying to be an Affiliate with our firm are eligible, and meet the requirements to become an approved affiliate. There are very few circumstances where an applicant’s blog or websites fail to meet the minimum standards that 10com wishes to operate or portray itself, therefor those persons or firms did not qualify to participate in our Affiliate Program. Moreover, 10com reserve the right to refuse membership to a website or revoke your membership at any time, if we determine that your website contains objectionable or offensive material.


What is the 10com Affiliate Program?​


The 10com Affiliate program provides a unique opportunity for individuals or companies to earn extra money easily by simply referring clientele.